The 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing

Do You Know These 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing?

The 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing

Do You Know These 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing?

Email marketing has been growing at a rapid rate each year, over year, since its introduction with the Internet.

Email marketing is most definitely one of the most cost effective, and instantaneous methods to send your corporate message to potential customers, yet many email marketers predicted over the past few years that email is dead and social media is making a great takeover!

This has since been proven to be false and email marketing is still statistically one of the most effective tools any business can utilize today. Be sure your message is authentic and you use a compliant bulk email software to send, and manage your bulk email campaigns. Doing this, you will typically never run into any issues and will promote your business in a responsible compliant manner.

“Did you know most large corporations are currently using bulk email marketing to announce special offers and grow their brands?”

Where do the millions of email lists come from when buying bulk email databases? Today’s consumers will generously offer up personal contact information for free offers, promotions, apps, and more and in some cases even unknowingly.

A good bulk email sending software will help individual recipients to remove themselves permanently and the process is done automatically every time.

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The 5 quick and simple rules for any responsible bulk email marketer.

1. Email lists are up to date: Be sure your email lists are up to date or cleaned using an email list verify tool before your initial sent this can do a few things including help your deliverability and reputation with the server. Typically the more bounces removes and complaints you got will result in a decline in deliverability unless you’re using a system that can rotate IP’s and domains this will greatly improve your overall success.

2. It’s important who you choose: Make sure the bulk email company you choose to send your campaigns allows for purchased email lists and leeway as you do not want to get midway through a campaign and have issues with your account being terminated. Choosing a software company that has limited restrictions also leaves the option open to add large databases into your account for future sending and list building purposes.

3. Web-based VS locally installed email marketing software: Be sure you choose a web-based software platform. I know this can be open for debate, however, a Web-based email software will allow for remote sending, automatically opt out removal, real-time stats, and a complete campaign overview that can be accessed from any computer anywhere remotely. The dangers of choosing a software that installs and runs from your computer system are, your bulk email campaign will result in using your physical IP address location and this can get you in trouble with your ISP internet service provider. It is recommended to use a web based bulk email software for any type of bulk sending.

4. No hidden fees watch your costs: There is a multitude of different software’s to choose from. If you’re looking to send email in bulk, you always want a total price and not per unit or cost per thousand as you can easily chew up your entire budget in no time. Things to avoid would be setup fees long term commitments cancelation fees overage fees or any hidden costs whatsoever. An excellent example can be found with this bulk email software that is month to month no commitments and you can cancel at any time.

5. Take time with your message: This might be the most important thing to remember is to make sure your ad copy is informative, engaging, and provides value to the reader. Create multiple newsletter variations with different subject headers. This is called split testing and can quickly determine which approach is working best and the remainder of the campaign can use your best strategy.

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