5 Tips For Better Email Marketing in 2016 – Chiefmarketer

Here are simple five tips and tricks to make your email marketing campaigns stand out, and help your brand start the new year in style.

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Official Email Marketing

1.) Subject lines: What’s the one thing that entices your audience to open your emails? The subject line! Your subject lines should be short and to the point, accurate about what’s inside the email and focused on the benefit. Don’t be afraid to get creative to draw attention to your email, or use strong action words or phrases. But be careful on using all-caps text—not only can they trigger spam filters, but can also be difficult to determine what is most important. If you must, use caps sparingly.

And number one, people like numerals, numbered lists and countdowns, so don’t be afraid to add in the number of days remaining in your sale or the percentage customers will save.



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