A Revamped Marketing Strategy for 2016 | MarTech Advisor

Marketing Ideas for 2016

The New Year is almost here, and with it the time to overhaul your organization’s current marketing strategy. 2016 will be the year to pull back from targeted advertising and fall back on the tried and tested methods of more traditional and unified messaging. However, before we dive into the rest of the article let us take a moment to acknowledge that over the past five years or so, digital marketing has undergone a fundamental change with the rising importance of ‘pull’ over ‘push’ marketing. The demand for content marketing and targeted advertising has gone through the roof.

But building a relationship with customers through inbound marketing is a constant slowburn, and you, the CMO, are under pressure to deliver results

It would be understandable if you wanted to fall back on more sales-heavy messaging for customers rather than building an organic marketing funnel.

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Marketing Secrets for 2016

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