Why Your Email Subscribers Unsubscribe

Consumers hit the “unsubscribe” link for a variety of reasons, but one study found that more often than not it’s the overload of emails flooding their inbox that prompts the action. They just get fed up, according to the new study by Fluent, a performance marketing company, which polled more than 1,500 American adults to investigate consumers’ perceptions on email marketing . The study found that fewer emails with more discounts might be the solution to declining subscription rates.

Unsubscribe rate

Some 34.8% of consumers said the main reason they unsubscribe from marketing emails is because they receive emails too often, and 20.8% said they unsubscribe because they find the content irrelevant or not useful. About 16% said they had never signed up for the email list, and 13.7% unsubscribe because they don’t trust the source for the email.

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Continue story: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/265448/why-your-email-subscribers-unsubscribe.html


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