How Data Can Boost Your Post- Holiday Marketing Strategy

5 Ways Data Can Now Boost Your Post- Holiday Marketing Strategy

The big holiday rush is over, but your sales data can help power your post-holiday marketing plan. We list five smart ways you can connect with customers in the New Year.

By: Larry Alton

Your small business is probably buried under more data than snow in the days that follow big holiday sales, but have you figured out what to do with all of it yet? Now that it’s time to get your post-holiday marketing strategy in gear, business analytics comes in very handy.

Here are a few ways that analyzing all that business data can give you the sales advantage you need to avoid the winter slowdown.

Digital Marketing

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Online marketing and Bulk Email Marketing for 2016

1. Spread Out Your Advertising Budget

Small business owners know that sales spike significantly around the holidays; especially on the really big retail days such as Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

The same can’t be said, however, about the days at the beginning of the year.

The first few days immediately after Christmas may be marked by big sales, but that doesn’t mean you should concentrate your advertising budget on big-spending days. You’ll spend a lot more to advertise on those days, and that can cause a budget shortfall at the beginning of the year.

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