TeslaSuit: The worlds 1st full body haptics suit that lets you feel VR

Thanks to its modular system it can be customised to user’s specifications. You can buy and add extra modules at any time.

Feel the climate events within the VR. You can make custom presets and paterns with climate control editor.

The Teslasuit is the world’s first full body suit that lets you feel the virtual reality. Combined with a VR Headset it provides a true real world experience within virtual reality, completely erasing the boundaries between the two worlds. It doubles as a wearable computer and a full body controller.

Tesla Suit

How does it work?
Teslasuit is based on electro-haptic technology, which is a “native language” of our body. Simply saying, when we touch something, those sensations are transmitted to our brain by electric pulses via our Neural System. Teslasuit stimulates body with mild electric pulses, delivering a wide range of sensations from touch, virtual hug and virtual bullet shot to heat and cold. Teslasuit can make you feel the real Force! Sounds incredible? You’re absolutely right! This is why it took us 3 years developing our dream 24/7 to make the Teslasuit happen. It is built using smart textile, which also makes it washable.

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Being modular by design – the Teslasuit allows for upgrades to be added at any time. The current DK Teslasuit Pioneer consists of a smart textile suit, incorporating a 30-point haptic feedback array and the control belt. The included battery lasts up to four days on a single charge of normal use.

The worlds 1st full body haptics suit that lets you feel VR

More https://www.producthunt.com/tech/teslasuit


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