7 Things You Must Do To Maximize The Value of Your LinkedIn Profile – Forbes

You’ve done all the hard work to create a stellar LinkedIn profile. You have a professional headshot, a compelling headline and a complete, authentic summary.


When LinkedIn says your profile is “all-star,” it’s time to turn your hard work into a tool that will advance your career. Here are 7 actions to take (in four categories) to maximize the value of your perfect profile:

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1. Make it visible. You don’t want to be the world’s best-kept secret, wasting all that effort you spent building the online representation of the real you. I recommend making every element of your profile visible to everyone. Through the Privacy and Settings option, you can choose to share your entire profile or just a few elements with public viewers. Allow anyone to see your public profile. What’s the value of creating your profile if you don’t showcase it?

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More http://www.forbes.com/sites/williamarruda/2016/01/03/7-things-you-must-do-to-maximize-the-value-of-your-linkedin-profile/


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