Why 2016 Could Be the Year Reputation Management Explodes

here’s what I foresee happening around the reputation management realm in 2016.

A more simplified solution will be born

Today’s media landscape demands constant change; it’s part of the societal fabric woven by the internet’s greatest writers and forward-thinking companies. Businessmen demand new updates to old methods. And in some cases, a massive dose of duplicity is in order. Because everyone knows there’s nothing like waking up to widespread scandal, right?

Reputation management companies circumvent the same message in different contexts: take bad stuff, move down, take good stuff and move up. The process takes several months if done right; the problem arises when:

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The items pushed down slowly regain mitigating weight;
The good stuff (generally ghost profiles built on high ranking social/media sites) loses weight due to the lack of consistent page views.

Customers become infuriated, demand explanation or cash back.
I’ve heard in some cases ORM companies have given individuals a bad reputation, approached them with the issue, then made off with money that was never rightfully earned. Sick, but true. There are even cases, such as that outlined by USA Today, where fake online reviews trip travelers and turn them away from an otherwise excellent lodging choice.

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