Why Reputation Management Is Critical to Your Personal Brand

The following is the tenth in the series “Personal Branding For A Better Life,” in which marketing expert Jim Joseph applies big brand marketing lessons to help you build a successful personal brand.

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Reputation management services

Never before have we been able to create, build and market our personal brand like we can today thanks to the digital world. But just like the big brands, we have to manage our reputation online and off. It’s something I do every day.

The digital world has given me a voice for my craft. Every morning at 5:00 a.m. I write a blog post and share it on social media.

People I would never otherwise come in contact with follow me all day long as a result. Without the digital world, I wouldn’t have the reach or impact that I’ve built.

But it comes with a risk. Not everyone is going to agree with my point of view. In the business world, that can be polarizing.

Personal branding isn’t just about getting noticed, published, and “known.” This isn’t about being Kim Kardashian at all. It’s about being yourself and managing how people perceive you.

You can use the digital world to express your brand and stay connected with others, with no intention of fame or fortune. I look at the behavior of my two kids. Neither one has any intention of fame. But they use social media as a vehicle to express what’s important to them and to connect with their network of friends.



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