5 tips that will help your small business make the most of 2016 – PostBulletin

Is there any time of year more important for a small business than right now? The business you do in these months will go a long way toward not only determining your day-to-day success, but the very outlook for the rest of 2016.

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So how do you make sure your small business is up to the task and makes the most of the here and now?

Small businesses everywhere are asking these same questions, and to help, Susan Solovic, The Small Business Expert, offers these helpful tips.

Keep in touch. Connecting with someone is a good idea any time of year, so why not pick up the phone and see if you can schedule a coffee or lunch meeting for the New Year, especially if it’s an old colleague or a customer who has fallen off your radar.

You may also consider sending holiday cards and greetings to everyone on your list to close out 2015 right. Staples Copy and Print has customizable stationary and cards to send the perfect message at the perfect time. They also have all of the marketing materials, product customization and graphic insertion options you could ever need, making it easy for you to make more happen any time of year.




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