Good Entrepreneurship Advice Is About Mindset – StamfordAdvocate

Four successful entrepreneurs give advice that connects to specific parts of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Good Entrepreneurship Advice Is About Mindset

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Over the years, I’ve travelled around the world, talking with entrepreneurs throughout the United States, Latin and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In total I must have met and spoken with several thousand entrepreneurs asking how they started, what they learned and how they learned it.

Though they used different words, of course, successful entrepreneurs have described to me an entrepreneurship mindset they say has helped them seize their goals and become successful. Overall, some elements of this mindset – recognition of opportunity, comfort with risk, creativity and innovation, a “future” orientation, flexibility, initiative, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving, to name a few have played a role.

Yet, as great as these elements may be, they are still just concepts. The entrepreneurial mindset is taught, learned and practiced by finding ways to link these concepts to concrete actions. And I have little doubt that connecting these concepts to the “mindset” will help you, the entrepreneur, move beyond theory to market, or wherever you’re headed.

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