6 digital marketing trends that will change how we work in 2016

As our lives become increasingly digital, more of us move our social and administrative activities online. Businesses are also embracing this change as well.

Amid a dramatically changing landscape, six key trends indicate the way we will inevitably adapt.

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6 digital marketing trends that will change how we work in 2016

1. Mobile replaces desktop

In 2015, mobile devices replaced desktop or laptop computers as the devices through which most users accessed online content. The trend is most noticeable on social media, such as Facebook, where three quarters of online advertising revenue is generated from mobile content. Likewise, half of all emails globally are opened on smart phones.

On average, we spend around two hours a day browsing content on mobile devices. Consequently, any content that is not tailored for mobile platforms, with ease of access a priority, will fall by the wayside. Alarmingly, one in six websites still has not been optimised for mobile search.

2. Businesses upgrade

In the corporate arena, social media marketing budgets are set to double in the next five years. The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role is now an established position at management level, rather than an optional extra, as companies prepare for an environment where consumer interaction is online.

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