Startup India: Framing a culture of entrepreneurship | analysis

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches ‘Startup India’ on January 16, to give a fillip to the culture of entrepreneurship, its success will depend crucially on the role played by the state governments.

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The world is moving from the industrial age to an age of information. It thus makes sense for India to leverage the unfolding policies and exciting opportunities to become an IT powerhouse and join the league of developed countries. The task is enormous, but definitely within the realm of possibility.

Startup India: Framing a culture of entrepreneurship | analysis | Hindustan Times

Certain factors position India on the cusp of such a possibility. Its young population, an array of engineering and management institutions, a distinct change in the mindset of the youth from being job-seekers to job-creators, their proficiency in English and their penchant for taking risks — all point to a brighter future.

Kerala has already stolen a march over other states by developing an entrepreneurship blueprint on the PPP model that can be successfully replicated by others for faster and productive results. We now need to create conducive startup ecosystems across the country to buttress the ambitions of our entrepreneurs and give a steel frame to a culture of entrepreneurship.

The central department of science and technology has set up India’s first Startup Village at Kochi as the first PPP model incubator in 2012. Last year it won the Centre’s appreciation for being the best technology business incubator (TBI) after it produced hundreds of startups and created a new model for student and youth entrepreneurship.


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