4 Ways to Invest in Email Marketing, for 2016 | Practical Ecommerce

Marketers have heard for years that email is dead. However, just the opposite is true. The importance of email has never been greater, and there is still no better way for ecommerce merchants to communicate with a customer or prospect. From sending transactional information to advertising and promotions, having access to a person’s inbox represents a powerful marketing opportunity.


With that said, here are four of the best ways to invest in email for 2016:

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1. Outsource or Hire an Expert

Many ecommerce merchants try to take on every role themselves, to reduce costs. Often, however, the opportunity cost of attempting to do something yourself is greater than the expense to outsource or hire an expert.

In a day when there is a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable designers, coders, email marketing experts, and consultants, now may be the time to get an outsider’s opinion, to help steer your program in the right direction.

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