Keeping Email Marketing Relevant for Today’s Consumer | MarTech Advisor

Email marketing continues to play a major role in digital marketing even as new marketing tools and channels continue to make themselves available. However, with the marketing environment becoming more crowded than ever before, approaching it has indeed becoming more sophisticated.

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Today, email marketers need to understand their audience sub-sets, target them accordingly and compel them to take action to be truly effective. According to industry experts, email marketing will continue to not only be an important channel to get to audiences, but will continue to witness an increase in scope over the next few years. This is because it helps complement other forms of marketing such as display advertising, social media marketing and SMS marketing. In fact, is provides the best ROI as compared to other forms of email marketing according to marketers and is also preferred by consumers across age groups.

Keeping Email Marketing Relevant for Today’s Consumer | MarTech Advisor

Some of the key factors that make email marketing an effective channel are low cost, one-to-one connect and customization and volume. The technological updates that have had a positive impact on email marketing include:


It has changed the rate at which people access their email. It has also changed the way they view it. It is increasingly important to make sure that emails are mobile-friendly, easy-to-read on smartphones and provide strong call to action at the beginning! Responsive design, single-column layouts and the awareness that you only have a few seconds to capture or miss the reader’s attention are the key to getting started with effective email creation.


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