11 Reasons You Should Pull the Plug on Entrepreneurship Right Away

You’ve heard people say, “Entrepreneurship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Have you been ignoring their subtle warnings? It’s true! Entrepreneurship isn’t a bed of roses. It is not for the faint of heart. It is really hard work, and there are some very low times indeed.

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The sooner you quit being an entrepreneur, the longer you get to work in a dead-end job.

If you are still banging your head on the brick walls of entrepreneurship, may I suggest 11 reasons you should get out as quickly as possible?

The sooner you quit being an entrepreneur, the longer you get to work in a dead-end job.


1. You’ll save yourself from harsh discouragement.

Don’t you just hate being discouraged? It’s rough!

If you want to avoid unnecessary discouragement, then get out of entrepreneurship while you still have a chance. There’s hope.

2. There’s some corporate cubicle farm out there that needs you.

Think about it. Somewhere in this wide world is a large corporation. They are looking for someone like you. Your talents. Your expertise. Your experience.

In fact, if you get your resume ready, apply, wait 8 weeks, get an interview, possibly get a second and third interview, and then are accepted for the job, you might get that cubicle all to yourself.

It feels good to be wanted like that, doesn’t it?

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