Advice for entrepreneurs looking to patent an idea – Chicago Tribune

I have a new idea for a product or technology. Should I consider patenting my idea? If so, what is the first step?

Patents are very expensive, running anywhere from the tens of thousands to millions in legal fees.

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“You should absolutely consider patenting your idea, and with a brief consultation with a lawyer, you can ascertain whether it makes sense to proceed. A provisional patent can be an effective step. While you can file one on your own, it’s often affordable for a lawyer to file one on your behalf (which maximizes efficacy/protection). Many lawyers offer discounted rates if you write the first draft.”

— Basha Rubin, Priori Legal

A: Check for prior inventions.

“You need to research your idea and make sure no one else has done anything like it. Otherwise, if there is ‘prior art,’ as they call it, your patent application is unlikely to succeed. You should thoroughly run searches through sites like Google and Amazon, of course, but also through”

— Nicolas Gremion

A: Make sure the idea is valuable.

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