7 Ways to Re-Engage Contacts through Email Marketing

The average email marketing list loses 25 percent of its contacts every year. For many businesses, that rate of decay is simply unacceptable. Buy optin email lists here.

Fortunately, there’s hope for businesses in search of a cost-effective way to re-engage contacts with email marketing.

Identify all of your inactive contacts. This process follows the steps below:

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Choose a starting metric that helps determine the age of each contact. This could be the date on which they became a contact or the date on which they first converted, became a customer or even received their first email. Your choice of metric will determine which contacts you focus on in the later stages of the re-engagement process.

Determine the average length of your company’s buying cycle. This is typically the period between first contact and closing.
Determine how long a contact must be inactive to be formally considered inactive or dormant.
Determine how you’ll track inactivity. Usually this requires specific action tracking such as email opens or clicks.

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