Four Steps to Unlock the Growth Hacking Potential of Email Marketing

With the rise of growth hacking, we’re getting more and more accustomed to headlines like ‘Company X raises $300,000 overnight’ and ‘How Company Y grew a contact list of 25,000 in a week’.

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For many businesses these stories are inspirational, motivating greater competition with industry leaders. For others, it drives a more scrappy approach to achieving the maximum growth in the shortest time.

We recently saw email being named the technology which has had the greatest impact on the way we work over the last 10 years. As email evolves through cloud computing, automation, integrating into social and becoming more focused around mobile, its role in transforming businesses is set to grow. For marketers looking to make the most of email and tap into the kind of growth making the headlines, balancing speed against the quality of your interactions with customers is key.

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