Bulk Email Software Services and Email List Sales by Official

Features like spam checker, opener and clicker stats, full graph views, email templates, and more that will help you best write your message and make sure it gets inbox delivery. View pricing and get started.

With features like Dedicated Servers, Rate Limiting, Spam Checker, Google Analytics tracking, Statistics Tracking, Sending Thread Control, IP Rotation and much more it’s no wonder we have become an industry leader in high volume bulk email marketing services. Nothing to download or install, simply log into your online software account from anywhere and manage, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns. The email campaigns do not send from your internet connection or email account! Dedicated software support staff, to answer any help questions you have on an ongoing basis.

Email marketing works! Official Email Marketing Software from Official

– No Setup Fees
– No Contracts or commitments
– Cancel Account Anytime
– Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime
– Fully Supported Technical Staff
– All Orders are Mobile Friendly
– Web-based Email Software Mobile Friendly
– Never get your account closed down!

Read More and Get Started;



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