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10 Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Add Instead)

The benefits of making sure your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd are obvious, but for some reason there are certain words that everyone, regardless of profession, ends up using.

10 Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Add Instead)

You can probably guess what they are. To help confirm your suspicions, LinkedIn recently released the top 10 most overused profile buzzwords.

Here they are in order:

Extensive experience
Track record
And, depending on your industry, innovative and dynamic are up there, too.

We can all giggle about how cheesy it is to describe yourself as passionate, but seriously, what can you do if you really are passionate about your field? How do you get that across without sounding like everyone else?

Here are a few suggestions. Hint: It’s more about showing people what you’re made of than telling them.

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