Exploring Email Marketing Options For Beginners

The world of digital marketing, like any tech-dependent industry, is in constant flux. As new technologies evolve and trends rapidly replace one another, it’s extremely difficult for one particular strategy to have real staying power for years on end.

Email marketing is one of those rare exceptions. Those who would decry the 44-year-old (really) messaging method as outdated or too interruptive forget two simple facts:

1.) It works.
2.) It’s only as interruptive as you make it.

Email Marketing Works!

Pretty much all of the recent and relevant industry research points to the sustained importance and success of email marketing. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach your customers in a location you know they come back to on a daily or even multiple-times-per-day basis. Plus, email marketing campaigns are easily archived and organized, making them particularly useful for tracking relevant metrics and results.

The question, then, becomes:

How do I get the most out of my email marketing?”

There are a few different approaches here. If you wanted, you could go without an official service or tool and generate/manage all of your content from a basic email client (like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail). This, though, will likely not be your best bet. Get a free email list up to 5,000,000 full record USA consumers.

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