12 Business Ideas You Can Start Working on Right Now | Inc.com

You’ve got the itch. You’re fed up with your day job. You’re totally self-motivated and willing to work a ton. You don’t mind taking a little risk if it could lead to something great. You can network like a fiend.

In other words: You’ve got nearly everything it takes to be an entrepreneur–except for an actual business.

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Fear not. Here at Inc., we’ve seen all sorts of businesses come and go, requiring all levels of experience, startup capital, and ability to grind it out. Here are 12 businesses pretty much anyone can start right now, without specialized technical training, a long history in an industry, or gobs of startup capital. In other words: No excuses.

1. Meditation studio
Meditation may not sound like much of a business, but meditation centers are fast becoming the new gym. You could rent out a space, advertise it, and hire a meditation teacher on a regular basis; other entrepreneurs even hold roving meditation classes that meet at different locations each week.

2. Consulting
Everyone’s good at something–and if your expertise is something others need, you’re in luck. If you’ve ever changed fields, you’ve probably learned something as an “insider” that people selling into that industry would love to know. You might also prosper as a consultant using any specialized skills you’ve gained, such as accounting, communications skills, or anything related to leadership or personal development.

3. QA testing
Software companies need people to quality assurance, or QA. Yes, you could troubleshoot from home pretty much all day and get paid; much better is to pay others to do it, and concentrate on bringing in clients and cutting deals.

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