How Small Businesses Can Conquer the Big World of Email Marketing

Almost 50% of people who own smartphones check their emails as soon as they wake up.

Just take a moment to ponder that figure.

Yes, it’s massive.

Although, just because I like to skim through my inbox first thing in the morning, doesn’t necessarily mean I’d be willing to “take the bait” and follow those well-crafted CTAs to complete whatever action the sender wants me to take. And yet, it would be a daring lie to say I’ve never been consumed by the desire to just do as I’m asked – click, buy, share or download. Or, at least, save that clever email for later, so I can tackle it after the first cup of coffee.

Some emails are so delightfully balanced, they give us the perfect illusion that we’re making a well-informed decision. By ourselves. As strong individuals who don’t give into the salesy tactics.

And these are the kinds of emails that are taking the business world by storm.

From spammy to savvy: choose your side

Official Email Marketing

Imagine for a moment how big of a stride your business could make if you reached even a fraction of people who use email services.

Get Started with email marketing lists and software services by Official Email Marketing.

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