Top 10 FREE Marketing Ideas (That WORK!)

In what could easily be described as a recession, the current state of the economy is forcing small and large enterprise alike to consider alternative means of marketing; some low cost, some free.

Here’s a list of things you can do to market your company that won’t cost you a thing, but that will usually net measurable results for you, depending on your business.

Article Contribution – what you’re reading is a great example. Come up with “Top 10” lists and “How To” columns where you can establish your expertise in your area, and give people a taste of what working with you might be like. Contribute these articles to syndicate web sites or your local business publication that has an audience that would want to read your advice.

Internet Marketing – not all internet marketing has to cost money. You can optimize your site to be found better in search engines, exchange links with related companies, and the most simple – update your site content regularly. Think about the sites you visit most often and why you visit, and you’ll see what you need to do.

Strategic partnerships – a strategic partnership is a formal alliance between two enterprises, usually formalized by one or more business contracts that falls short of forming a legal partnership. The best companies to strategically partner with are the ones that usually have a mutually referring relationship with already, such as a massage therapist and a chiropractor.

Social networking – Create accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Update your status daily, connect with everyone you know and reach out to new people through the people you know. Leverage existing relationships to create new ones and to get your foot in the door where you’d like to do business.

Blogging – as with article contribution, establish your expertise by posting blogs covering “Top 10” lists and “How To” topics. Drive traffic to your blog via your social networks and engaging meaningfully on other people’s blogs. Even changing the signature in your email can help.

Doing Interviews – do you have any friends in media? This would be a great idea to pitch some ideas about how you can teach people what you know, while simultaneously helping them connect with their audience better.

Public Speaking – look for speaking gigs where you can tell your story of how you got where you are or you can educate on a specific topic that’s of interest to people. It’s very important to note that you absolutely CANNOT sell from the podium. It’ll destroy your credibility very quickly. To sell from the podium, you specifically must avoid selling. Ironic, but true.

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Article on useful free marketing services and techniques. Not all marketing needs to cost money.

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