5 Tactics to Promote Your Venture on LinkedIn Without Spending A Buck

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of LinkedIn? The choice of words might differ from individual to individual, but the crux would certainly be- ‘a business-oriented social networking platform, essentially designed for developing professional relations, having industry discussions and job hunting.’ However, there’s way much more to LinkedIn’s offerings than just facilitating professional network building.

LinkedIn over the time, has evolved into one of the major social media marketing platforms. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where businesses get a personal access to their target audience and therefore, can market themselves pretty easily with status updates, images and other casual posts, LinkedIn does not welcome blatant pushing of your business, spamming or hard selling. But needless to say, the quality of audience that this platform offers you to reach out to, is highly relevant and uncompromisable. So, to tap this potential, it is imperative to design a special marketing strategy by weighing each and every aspect and attribute of this platform.

Here are a few hacks, you might like to try out for building a strong base to market your venture on LinkedIn:

19 is the fastest growing social network and almost mandatory for business these days.

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