How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Despite all of the developments which alter the way that people execute their digital marketing, email marketing is still one of the most popular channels. It is low cost, most people understand how email works and its effectiveness is highly measurable. Note that measurable doesn’t always mean successful though!

One of the first hurdles that an email campaign can fail at is whether the email is opened or not. There are a number of factors which can affect this, and in this week’s blog, I will focus on five of the most important.

Did it get to the inbox? Most email marketing software tries its hardest to get your email to the inbox, but some emails will get caught in the email provider’s spam filter. This is normally because there is a characteristic of the email which has raised a red flag – is the email just one big image (this is very poor practice), does it contain spam trigger words (e.g. earn $, cash, medical or drug terminology, 100% free, act now, etc.), is your HTML coded correctly, etc.

Who is the email from? Assuming that your email has made it through the spam filter, the user has two key pieces of information at their disposal: the subject line and who has sent the email. You have a choice as to how the ‘name’ of the sender is displayed and this is crucial to the open rate: should you have the personal touch and include a name, should it be from the organisation, should it be from a particular department? It depends on what is in the email and who your audience is, but emails from ‘Sales’ or ‘Info’ are very common and very off-putting!

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