6 Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

Marketing is always about what the consumer needs and wants to hear. If it’s not immediately relevant or interesting, then it’s just annoying. That’s why there’s such widespread use of ad-blocker browser extensions.

According to PageFair, ad blockers were estimated to cost publishers nearly $22 billion in lost revenue in 2015. And that dollar figure will continue to climb: Ad blocking has increased by 41 percent in the last year, with more than 198 million active ad-block users in the world.

In order to stay visible, you need to adapt to growing technology trends and the way consumers prefer to digest relevant information. Look over these eye-opening trends that you can leverage in the coming months.

1. Virtual reality
Virtual Reality has come a long way since the concepts and products released in the ’90s. Technology like the Oculus Rift, which was bought out by Facebook to the tune of $2 billion, is going to have a big impact on the way companies engage individual consumers.

Think about the current demand for personalization among consumers and how that can be implemented with a 3D virtual experience. You could quite literally provide your customers with a 360-degree immersive story through visual content.

Virtual tours, one-on-one engagement and interactive and immersive commercials are just a few ways marketing will likely shift in the near future via the use of virtual reality.

2. The new age of search meets social
Google has dominated the search market, followed closely by Yahoo! and Bing, for years. We’re now seeing that Facebook is making continued advancements to step outside of the social bubble and create a more expansive service to rival those search giants. By expanding its search functionality, Facebook is able to tie in other components, which include call-to-action buttons and payment messaging.

Mix that with the existing ability users have to follow groups, join social discussions and engage brands while chatting with friends on Facebook, and you can see why the social site is quickly positioning itself to be an all-in-one platform for the web.

It’s not just about social engagement anymore: Sites like Facebook are allowing brands to create real digital experiences.

3. A step away from evergreen
Brands frequently embrace evergreen content, or content that will last for an extended period of time and continue to generate traffic. This year, we’re seeing a growing trend in the opposite direction: simple, brief content shared in real time. Platforms like Periscope and Snapchat are pushing a “less is more” concept, where we communicate with the end user for a shorter and briefer span of time.

In a world where your target audience is on the go and strapped for time, these kinds of marketing hors d’oeuvres are exactly what users are looking for.

Both Snapchat and Periscope provide unique peeks into brands that consumers feel connected to, while satisfying their voracious appetites for new content.

4. Marketing automation
Automation isn’t new, but it’s become more necessary and more relevant, especially with the focus shifting to writing 10 times the amount of content that is 10 times better than what your competitors are putting out. The bulk of your time this year is going to be spent competing hardcore for the waning attention of your audience. You can expect that content creation to take up vast time resources, so you and automation are going to become best buddies.

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