3 Small Business Marketing

3 Ways to Market Your Small Business for $0.00 or your money back

Every business is limited in terms of time and resources and it’s all relative to the results you’re expecting to get, the time you put in and the marketing platform you choose. Are you a small business? In many situations, being small can be an advantage in order to make faster decisions and take your product into new directions. Good marketing should generate revenue that can be used to scale and expand the marketing. Many times the real problem with small businesses is not having a product people want that’s differentiated enough from their competition.

1.) Creating a website to promote your business Cost $0.00 and up.

These days you can easily create a website using an editor and many are free. WordPress sites, for example, are free and allow you to post content like a blog or create stunning websites.

2.) Embrace Email marketing Cost $0.00 and up

1476819042992.jpgEmail can be easy and free to collect your customer’s email contacts. With email marketing you can follow up with your past customers, offer special promotions, discounts, and new products. Did you know if you use Gmail or social media, like LinkedIn, Google+, you can download and export your contacts for use in email marketing campaigns. This can be an excellent method to gain sales by following up with your warm market. Most first-time email marketers do achieve success with larger paid email marketing campaigns and ongoing email marketing campaigns only build bigger and more relevant with each campaign sent.

3.) Social media profiles are important Cost $0.00 and up.

Social Media Marketing

Yes you know you need social media so now is the time. When creating your profile page be sure to include as much information as you can, providing keywords and content relevant to your business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter are important to me in that order, however you can decide what platforms are right for you business. When your profile is completed, and only then, you can try some light promotion to your ads using paid social media campaigns. This can work excellent but can get costly.

To summarize: I do believe your best dollars spent is with email marketing hands down. Nothing gets the immediate response like email and if you choose the right platform you can grow and build your email lists all in one place making them stronger and more powerful with each new campaign sent.

View rates to get started with email marketing for your small business: More Details


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