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Top 2 most Effective Types of Online Marketing for 2016

With a plethora of online marketing tools and social media platforms to choose from these days it’s hard to know exactly what types of marketing. platforms are working. 

1. Google Ads: pay-per-click ads work well but can get extremely expensive. You can order up marketing on a pay per lead basis. There is a moderate learning curve but over time it can be easy to manage, or have managed for you.

2. Email Marketing: hands down email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising online today. With email you can build and grow your marketing data lists, so over time your brand gets stronger with each campaign sent. 

Overall the fastest and cheapest way to get marketing effectively is email marketing. 

Get started with email marketing, view pricing, learn more here. 

strategies for the average consumer.
Best marketing strategies for small businesses

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