Are Press Releases Still Useful?

Is A Press Release Still Relevant in Today’s Digital World?

There are many types of online promotions businesses can do for exposure in today’s ever changing digital landscape.

As press release distribution has shifted steadily toward an online activity, it’s become more important than ever to be relevant in your content and use of keywords to best optimize your press releases to drive search engine traffic to attract targeted customers. If possible, you should always try to include your keyword in your headline, subtitle, and throughout the body of the press release. However, be careful not to force it. If the keyword doesn’t make sense in the headline then don’t use it there. Always remember that the quality and readable content is your top priority – SEO should come a distant second..

It’s important to publish a new press release on a regular basis. Learn about how press releases can improve your company’s awareness.

Press release distribution and SEO both require a long-term commitment to be successful. There is no magic bullet press release, and there is no way to grab top search engine rankings overnight.

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