Become a Sales Superstar on LinkedIn

The cold call is slowly.. dying… Leverage the power of LinkedIn to sell more — and succeed faster.

I find it funny how we live in a country (Canada) where people ( apparently ) are more upset by getting an unsolicited email than a knock on the door – for an unsolicited solicitation at dinner time..

“However I don’t think this is the true attitude of most Canadians.”

I think the problem is with the the decision-makers and policymakers that have no clue about the advancements of technology and probably shouldn’t be in a position to make those decisions of which they don’t understand;

These decisions cost millions of dollars and impact every everyone and stunts our advancements in technology as a result.

What’s the solution? Maybe better utilizing a collaboration of forward-thinking leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs.

But until then you have a powerful voice on LinkedIn and it allows you to connect in ways many business owners and entrepreneurs have yet to understand.

In my opinion LinkedIn is hands-down the best platform for any business.

Use LinkedIn for an effective sales strategy
Linkedin for small business

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With social media the Power is truly put back into the people.

Platforms like LinkedIn have been Visionaries and how they allow a person two Network and collaborate with the social community that they have effectively built and connected with.

Social media has forever changed the function of the salesperson.

We are now in the era of “social selling” where the art of appealing to the savvy and highly informed buyer takes place online long before a deal can be closed.

The days of cold calls are over because they just don’t work as an effective method for capturing leads with today’s instant communication and advancements in technology and social platforms.

Make your profile reflect your business

Don’t view your profile as a resume only potential buyers are actually using social media just as much as recruiters. Your profile is now a marketing tool, so you should use it to make a case for your expertise and your company. Make sure you have professional images and company logos. Embed any multimedia that illustrates the advantages of working with your company, including videos or case studies. Package information in ways that allows viewers to easily digest what you have to offer. Remember, you are just as searchable as any of your prospects, so anyone who may be interested in engaging with you will make your profile the first or second stop.

Find the right people

Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. Today’s reality is that on average, there are more than seven people involved at a company for any B2B purchase. They simply don’t want to be sold to; they want to be informed and advised on direction–and there’s nothing that turns a buyer off more than getting a barrage of sales pitches when they’re not remotely a part of the decision process.

The cold call is slowly dying, so it’s far more effective to handpick a smaller, targeted consumer data lists than spraying and praying.

Grow your current network to find connections that will open doors.

be sure with platforms like LinkedIn that you sync your Gmail contacts and personal contacts to connect with them from the start.

This isn’t great method for keeping in close contact with your connections and nurtured relationships.

The best sales opportunities happen because of referrals. This is simply how business gets done.

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The idea is “not always” just to make money, it’s to also invest in places that your business can gain from in the future – for a brighter future. 💥

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