6 Tips for Powerful Email Communication

6 Tips for Powerful Email Communication

You send an email out to all your clients only to get no responses? Do you know where your campaign went wrong? What makes them so ineffective? What makes them effective?

It’s true, we all receive email messages from time to time only to immediately delete them or mark it as spam. And for some reason, your email marketing efforts are receiving the same treatment! You aren’t effectively grabbing your audience’s attention. Perhaps your subject lines don’t reach out and say “Open me!” or your calls to action don’t perform well.

Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for getting messages directly to your clients and prospects and updating them on your products or services. It can be a powerful method that will strengthen your relationship with your existing clients and potential clients.

Let’s discuss the potential problems, then solution that many people typically face when sending an email marketing campaign that fails horribly.
Solutions for a successful campaign when sending an email marketing message.

First let’s discuss the potential problems, then solution that many people typically face when sending an email marketing campaign that fails horribly.

1.) Problem: Your emails are frequently ending up in the junk/spam folder and getting deleted automatically after xx number of days.

Solution: This might be the most important thing to learn. Always use a compliant can-spam friendly email marketing software that is web based and includes the IPs and domains for sending.

2.) Problem:  The subject line was interpreted as clickbate or to sales-pitchy

Solution: You can learn how to craft effective subject headers or be sure to use an email marketing software service that not only offers support, but integrated tools like spam score checker to ensure your message is going to get delivered before clicking the send button. These types of tools can also help you write the content body of the message for best potential delivery.

3.)  Problem: Topic or subject was irrelevant to the delivered recipient.

Solution:  OK honestly you can’t please everyone; however it’s worth a shot! It is suggested to use a company that can not only offer an email software solution, but also provide email lists that can be purchased by your specific target category this can dramatically increase your success rate and response rate.

4.) Problem: Heavy use of personalization and overused salutations, ie: Dear Name:   Dear Reader,   Dear Ms. Name:   Dear Mr. and Mrs. Name:   Dear Sir or Madam:   Hi, Name, etc.

Solution: Try getting more creative and offering something t the reader or providing an introduction that is more captivating. ( I am writing this message to share information about “abc product” as you have expressed interest recently and I thought you might enjoy some quick insight..) Another example might be, (I noticed we both have a shared interest in “topic of interest” and wanted to quickly share this with you..) Remember to get creative and do a few minutes of research on Google to prepare an effective opener.

5.) Problem: No-one wants to be sold, avoid hypey subject headers like the plague. Always put yourself in the recipient’s shoes, would you really be excited to open an email with phrases such as “once is a lifetime opportunity! And words like “Act now” “urgent,” “hot” over punctuation!!! And that guaranteed to delete word from the 2000’s: “Free!

Solution: Always provide well-written information that’s brief, to the point, and your open rates will increase from your efforts. Think how clean and clear Google.com website is to Yahoo.com and then think who the industry leader is. The other key solution is to use software that has a spam score checker and this can keep you on point using the latest spam blocking technology to your advantage.

6.) Problem: This might be the most important of all. Many people complain about getting their email accounts closed down, or their lists blocked completely and banned from many major leading email marketing software companies like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, to name a few. This can destroy a campaign and leave you unable to save your written email work, email lists, remove databases, and reply to any potential replies – also good luck getting a refund.

Solution: You always want to use a high volume email marketing software that can grow with you and that you can add purchased email list for sending. A software that can offer unlimited sending and IP and domain rotation will ensure your best delivery.

Creating a successful campaign doesn’t have to be frustrating, or even expensive. Simply by using the latest email marketing software technology and best practices can provide an amazingly powerful ongoing marketing solution.

One email marketing company completely checks off all 6 solutions for the listed problems above, and more.

Learn why companies are now using this high volume email marketing software to represent their products and services in a professional manor, in 100% compliance with the email laws of the can-spam act of 2003. Email marketing has proven to be the most effective form of online marketing. Learn More.



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