Are Press Releases Still Useful?

Send Press Releases

A press release plays a crucial role towards an effective marketing strategy for mostly any type of company.

Press releases are an insightful piece of information that improves the media awareness of any company while also allowing for a focus on exciting products or even a new company direction. A press release follows a standard universal format and this makes it easier for readers and publications to get the desired news they need in an efficient manner.  The real purpose of a press release is to make media members aware of your news in hopes that they will turn it into a news story and thus spread the word to their army of readers, the public. Press releases can be an extremely effective marketing tool in that they allow companies to strictly control the message being published.

Send Press Releases

Send Press Releases is a full service press release distribution company. In fact the newswire pro package by Send Press Releases, will distribute to the largest newswire of press releases in the world, with journalists, reporters, trade magazines, and bloggers. And like other similar services, they haven’t forgotten the power of print, radio, and television. A distribution report will be provided to the client.

Whether it is a new company launch or a new product launch by your own company, press releases work to ensure that they cover all aspects of this and bring it forward to the press.

Send Press Releases uses a true newswire of press releases, and will distribute your press release over a mechanism that is being fed to nearly every newsrooms across the United States. This mechanism includes dedicated terminals that stream newsfeeds, special feeds on a corporate intranet, as well as private newsrooms on the Internet for journalists who are working remotely.

Your press releases will always show up on Google News, Bing, and Yahoo! news, as well as any other active search engine. In addition, press releases will also receive permanent storage in PR Newswire’s private PR Newswire for Journalists. This searchable newsroom is a valuable research tool to more than 100,000+ registered journalists, writers, and reporters. Most Fortune 1000 companies and nearly all publicly traded companies use a major newswire of press releases because they recognize that it is the most legitimate and widespread mechanism for reaching the most media.



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