What's the difference between spam and bulk email?

Are spam and bulk email the same thing?

Bulk email marketing has received much attention among marketers during the recent years. The benefits delivered from this marketing method to the businesses have contributed a lot towards its popularity. Most people get confused when trying to figure out the difference in between bulk email marketing and spam email marketing. Spam email marketing is something unethical and it is not in a position to deliver any benefit to your customers or business. Spam will not provide a valid opt-out method and it typically of zero interest.

When it comes to bulk email marketing, small business owners and marketers, typically build and create an email list on their own.

This list would usually contain the email addresses of potential customers who show some sort of an interest towards the business and categorized in some way. This list will also typically have the address, and other contact information along with just the email. As a result, an email that is sent from a bulk email marketing campaign would never be delivered to a recipient who doesn’t show any interest towards the business, and if it was a valid automated method for the recipient to opt-out would be an option.

Through bulk email, it’s an easy task to promote your products or services to potential customers on an ongoing basis. That’s because you are not promoting what you got to complete strangers, and the idea is to slowly build your databases while allowing the recipients to always have the option for removal. Based on the feedback, you will be able to improve your bulk email marketing campaigns accordingly over time. Like any type of internet marketing there might be an initial learning curve to understand how it all works if you’re using a trusted bulk email marketing software provider.

Marketers who are new to bulk email marketing often wonder whether anybody reads the mails that are being sent. From recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of people tend to read the mails that are being sent through bulk email marketing programs and that number is increasing due to mobile phone browser technology improvements. The popularity of this marketing method among companies around the world bears testimonials to this proven method of marketing.

Bulk email marketing can be considered as one of the easiest methods available to attract repeat businesses and visitors. That’s because it is highly unlikely for someone to come to your store and become a customer for the very first time. Through bulk email marketing, you are promoting your products and services to customers and business partners who already have a clear understanding about what your business is. They have already purchased something from you and they know about your order and delivery process as well. Therefore, people would tend to purchase again from you because they know what they would receive. Repetitive email contact with a growing email database is a great way to gain that trust and familiarity.

People often mistake bulk email marketing with spam email marketing They are very different.

whats bulk email?
what’s the difference between spam email and bulk email?

It is important to proceed with a clear understanding about the difference that exists in between these two marketing methods. Bulk email marketing is not illegal and it can deliver amazing benefits for a business in the long run. That’s mainly because opt-in email lists are being used during the email marketing campaign and proper compliant email software is used in the delivery process in many cases. In other words, all the people who receive the emails that are sent by you have opted to receive them in some way and have an interest in your business topic. Therefore, you just need to send appropriate email and experience the benefits that come in return.

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