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The “New” Role of the Salesperson by 2018

Sales people won’t disappear, but their role is changing, and many are struggling to adapt.

82% of b2b decision makers think sales reps are unprepared; product demonstrations are among the least-valued types of information for buyers; and half of all b2b purchases may be made directly online by 2018 and primarily influenced by email.

b2b email marketing nationwide to businesses compete with email and full company contact.
b2b email marketing nationwide to businesses compete with email and full company contact.

According to Meltwater, 80% of b2b decision makers prefer to get information from email communication or articles rather than from other types of advertising, and 40% of millennials don’t trust ads so strong organic tactics need to be part of any new sales and marketing strategy.

Yet in 2015 only 3 .56% of companies use an email marketing company to help in their efforts. This is a significant as companies that use email marketing are 75% or more likely to be purchasers according to wishpond and many companies are quickly realizing how effective an email marketing strategy can be.

Over 70% of marketers today agree that email marketing is core to their business operation and most marketers claim that an email is a critical tool for ongoing sales and new client acquisition.  Another 20% of online marketers also say that their businesses primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations and growing.

Nationwide B2B Email List Marketing Campaigns for Small Business.

The advantages of high quality business to business email marketing are well-documented. First and foremost, it is by far one of the cheapest ways to send your message out to your potential customers and b2b email marketing is the only type of marketing that allows you to build it better and stronger with each campaign sent. Your lists can grow quickly by always adding in more data with each campaign sent.

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