Small Business Press Release Distribution |

Where is your press release get published? Google News, Google, Yahoo & Bing Placement Guaranteed!

Now you can send a press release on behalf of your company for less than you think!
Send press releases

Press releases are guaranteed to go on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, Bing News, including hundreds of newspapers and major news websites. We also include social media, radio, television and more. The premium release package SPR Gold, is also guaranteed to go on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC’s news sites and affiliates. A distribution report will be provided.

Why Send A Press Release?

The Send Press Releases distribution uses a mechanism that allows your news appear in the “News” section of a Google search. This has been proven to drive organic traffic to your website, generating a positive targeted buzz, and brand awareness.

The key purposes of a press release is to make the media aware of your news, and to also have consumers interested in your products or services directed to your PR: your ideal customer.

Press releases can be a very effective marketing vehicle for any business, large or small.

Cheaper than you think!


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