Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Sales

Affiliate Marketing Methods that Truly Do Work!

Yes, it’s true, millions of people are currently making money with affiliate marketing and the number is growing at a rapid rate. The affiliate marketing industry is now over $3 Billion!

So what exactly is affiliate marketing, and how do I get started?

The elevator pitch is quite simple, you have an opportunity to promote and resell other businesses products, typically through an affiliate network, earning a commission as a result of your marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing business model. Any company that chooses to sell their products can offer affiliate marketers a monetary incentive, through what is known as an affiliate commision. If you want to make money, then you can promote any product that you feel has value and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer. Typically you agree to the advertisers terms and a percentage or a per sale commissions is offered.

What is the best method for acquiring sales once you’re accepted as an affiliate?

Simply said, anything that can turn you a profit over and above your marketing and other expenses, is a successful marketing campaign. One of the most acclaimed methods affiliates are using today is email marketing.

So why use email marketing?

Email is direct, and straight to the consumer, email is instant and results come in almost immediately. With email each time you send a message to your contacts database you’re allowing potential customers to interact with your offer and buy from you, and it also allows others to simple opt-out if desired. What you’re also doing (behind the scenes), is creating databases of pure interest from the opens, and clicks throughs from people that have either read your email message, or clicked on a link within the email. Either way, your building newly created databases automatically – using web-based email marketing software. Ok, so – what does that all mean? Well, now whenever you have a new product or special promotion, you can email a well crafted message to your always growing openers/clickers database that gets automatically generated by the software. Many marketers use this as a foundation for all marketing efforts and it can produce an almost perfect open response rate because you already know they received the message before and either read the email or read the email and then click on a link for more details. Either way, this type of nurtured database will always produce your best results.

Now The Real Question Is, Does Email Marketing Work?

The CEO of with almost 20 years experience in email marketing, explains it perfectly. “I can break it down quite simply. When writing your email offer, it pays to be honest to your recipients. Consumers are extra smart these days and to be honest most consumers can see through the typical sales type hype bullshit. Be honest about what you’re presenting in your sales letter and don’t over hype your ad copy with cheap sales talk. Keep it simple and to the point. It’s imperative to know what your audience wants and understand what you’re selling and why. Do split testing and see what subject headers are working best and change up the body of the email. Does email work? Yes. Nothing builds sales and value for your company like an huge email database. Nothing..”

According to Over 70 percent of marketers today agree that email marketing is core to their business operation and most marketers claim that an email is a critical tool for ongoing sales and new client acquisition. Another 20 percent of online marketers also say that their businesses primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations, and number is rapidly growing. It’s recommended to first get setup with your email marketing software setup, then hunt for an affiliate product to sell. Essentially anything you can think of can be resold as a reseller for profit and getting setup as a reseller is as easy as it comes with most companies automatically approving new affiliates so you can get started selling instantly.

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