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In business you are always selling, or thinking of ways you can help your clients by offering your products or services. There are many key ingredients to a great sales strategy, and truly none are more important than the quality of your opening statement.

It doesn’t matter if your approach is in person, over the phone or by email; the window of attention is lost in less than 5 seconds. This means you have to maximize the impact of every word, syllable, and pause in your lead-off statements, and subject headers when using a digital approach. They need to be works of art … compelling and borderline AMAZING!! I mean why not?

Have you ever really tried to craft a truly great sales pitch for your small business?

I can pretty much guarantee the people you’re trying to target with your business marketing efforts are likely being approached by many other similar competitors frequently. A compelling and attention grabbing opening statement can launch many sales opportunities for you where a competitor’s lack of preparation can leave them standing still.

do not use industry jargonTo be clear, do not write your opening statements or well crafted subject headers to sell; they are to be lead-ins to encourage consumer or corporate engagement. Do not use industry jargon or fancy words.

According to the best chosen answer on Yahoo Answers, in reference to email marketing; “Email marketing is becoming a lot easier these days as the online marketing industry grows. If you are tech savvy you can simply sign up to an auto-responder service & get started. Most email marketing services will provide you with comprehensive training on how to complete your email list building & marketing campaigns”.

Does Digital Marketing Work?

According to a recently published LinkedIn pulse article; Estimates indicate that 2016 – 2017 will be the first time that Digital Marketing beats out TV for Ad spending, and when you look at the latest earnings reports from both Social Media and Search Giants Google and Facebook you’ll see how well the movement to Digital online is taking off for small business marketing.  While Print has its place in Promotional activity, we believers think that the best overall return for dollars and effort spent will come from Digital Marketing.

If you are eager to move your business marketing efforts more towards digital marketing then email marketing is now taking main stage. With today’s email marketing software there is nothing to download or install and you can simply log into your web-based software account from anywhere, on most any device, create high impact personalized email messages and upload an unlimited amount of email lists for sending. With Official you can monitor detailed campaign statistic charts, click through rates, open rates, and much more.

CEO of OfficialEmailMarketing.com Rod Gray was recently quoted in Lifehack.org stating, “For any company, half the battle is won if marketing strategies reduce the time required for planning, formulating strategies, and executing its marketing campaign. Email is that handy tool for most companies that not only reduces the execution time of efforts but also delivers quick responses”. Read full articles or view on Lifehack.

Ok, How Can I Get 50,000 Category Targeted Email Records Free?

free email dataOfficialEmaiMarketing.com an email marketing leader since 2010 is now providing 50,000 full data records free “each month” with the registration of a monthly email marketing software account. The email marketing software is used for sending emails and creating powerful newsletter type mailings 100% can-spam compliant and will reflect your business, products, or services in a responsible manner.

What’s included in the free 50K data list?

The fields that are included in the email data lists are, email address, first name, last name, mailing address with city, state, zip, phone number, website source collected, Ip address, date and time, and more. Data is collected from opt-in sources and only saved after running through our rigorous email verification. Format is standard Excel CSV.

With OfficialEmailMarketing There is no better way to send large amounts of email successfully into the recipient’s inbox.

Learn more: get started, view pricing, ask questions! http://www.officialemailmarketing.com/email-marketing-software

Let us help you succeed with email marketing! Dedicated technical support staff is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide ongoing ticket support for your software management and email marketing campaigns.


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