Are you able to solve Elon Musk’s impossible interview riddle? | Sciencedump

Although the answer is simple – Don’t worry if you weren’t able to solve it, because not many people can.. #elonmuskriddle #elonmusk #teslaceo #elon

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But if you are, you may account yourself as one of the lucky few because not many people are able to!

The sole founder of SpaceX,Elon Musk – and of course also know as the co-founder of PayPal and Tesla Motors – has a rather peculiar riddle he likes to ask when he is interviewing potentially new employees. Although Musk is known to appear pretty disinterested while interviewing candidates. After he has finished asking his questions he throws out a rather difficult riddle at the potential candidates, but not many people are able to solve it.

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Elon muskElon Musk Riddle


So here is the riddle Elon Musk asks:

“You’re standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk one…

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