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Creating Opener & Clicker Contact Data Lists | OEM

When Google searching – for how to create great opener and clicker email lists, related to an email marketing campaign, you run into the same question; “Is there a way to export all openers / clickers from all lists across all campaigns? I’ve looked at the mysql tables and don’t really see a table that stores all openers or clickers. Is there any way to accomplish this other than viewing stats campaign by campaign?”

The Answer is yes you can automatically create opener and clicker email lists by using web-based email marketing software like the Official email marketing software.

Ok, so what are Opener and Clicker Lists?

For example: let’s say you send 5,000 emails to a created company message, to your email database list. A good email marketing software like Official will automatically create opener and clicker lists of people that expressed interest and read your message or read your email message then clicked on a link within the message, you can log this highly targeted call to action. This way you are generating your own lists of pure interested in addition to your campaign.

Simply said, if they read your email message or click on a link after reading your email message, they have express interest. The email marketing software will automatically create separate lists for you of openers and clickers on a continuous basis. Demo this feature and more at

  • Email lists are included free for a limited time.

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