What makes a good subject line?

Using These Email Subject Lines Can Improve Response

Email Subject Lines Are Your First Attempt To Engage Your Reader

Nowadays we have developed a poorly written spam headline third-sense and will delete emails that look like sales pitches, even if they are coming from people and companies we know. The “email subject line” just might be the most important front line marketing tactic you can use – and even “misuse”, daily!

Most small businesses are somewhat limited in terms of time and resources, and it’s all relative to the time and effort you put in from the best times of the day you post your businesses content to social media to the subject lines we write in our every day emails.

Remember subject headers don’t need to necessarily sell, just entice the recipients to open up the email and read your message body.

Creative Email Subject Lines vs Clarity Email Subject Lines


  • It’s finally available
  • Your Mom will love this
  • I thought you would like this

Creative subject lines provide an enticing approach to the reader and can spark curiosity


  • 10 Free Marketing Software Downloads
  • All Online Businesses use Email Marketing
  • 3 gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Email subject lines with clarity give the reader a solid idea of what the message contains.

Do you want your emails to end up in spam? Below is a list of words to “skip” when writing your emails so they do not end up in the junk or trash.

  1. Percent off
  2. Reminder
  3. Help
  4. Buy
  5. Clearance
  6. Earn $
  7. Make $
  8. Earn
  9. From home
  10. Biz
  11. Cash
  12. Claim
  13. Collect
  14. Income
  15. Get out of
  16. Increase your
  17. Prescriptions
  18. Free
  19. Millions
  20. Urgent
  21. Dear

How long should the subject line be?

Shoot for less than 50 characters – Making the subject line longer runs the risk of having the end get cut off even more so if a recipient is using a mobile device to check the email. Give the reader a reason to buy and a sense of urgency. You need to make the recipients feel they absolutely must open your email this very second.

Urgent email subject headers

  • Buy One Shirt and We’ll Give You Two More – Today Only
  • Double Your Savings – If You Purchase by Midnight
  • 5 Tips for Doubling Your Summer Sales – If You Start Today

Consider which types of subject lines would turn you away, and avoid using them.

Make it your goal to engage your recipients with clear subject lines that communicate that the valuable information they seek is a mere click away.

Email marketing success can be greatly increased simply by choosing a company that can provide you ongoing consulting and support for your email marketing needs. If you want to learn more about email marketing, subject lines, and a positive return on your marketing investment check out http://www.officialemailmarketing.com

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