Is Your SEO Company Killing your Google Position? Maybe..

People Are Getting Hammered by Google for Using SEO Firms that provide little to no results.

It’s True! SEO Companies for the most part are full of Shit! The proof weighs heavily to my opinion and you can test this for yourself simply by canceling the practices of SEO hocus-pocus. If you have an SEO firm on your project, chances are its not going to end well..

There are many references to how SEO can hurt (not help) your businesses marketing.

What you Need to Know About Your SEO Firm;

Simply said, SEO is a guessing game for the most part, and in my experience the self proclaimed top seo companies “always” over promise and under deliver.

A Recent Article in Business2Community Informed the World of some Very Important Details Regarding SEO Companies.

Is all SEO Spamdexing? Maybe..

They all told a common story of how they had worked with agencies in the past and had nothing but bad experiences – and I could certainly understand where they were coming from. They had been burned too many times and were simply fed up with SEO agencies.

Agencies have become notorious for their ‘churn and burn’ business models, high staff turnover rates, poor customer service, excuses, finger pointing, and above all else – SEO agencies don’t do SEO very well! [more]

“SEO is Spamdexing, which is a word derived from “spam” and “indexing,” refers to the dangerous practice of search engine spamming or General SEO Practices that are designed to try and Trick Google to Like your Site.”

Remember: Google and the other search engines are designed to like and index your content based on original value of the content. Anything beyond natural content is SEO trickery.

SEO – It is a form of spamming. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which is the art of having your website optimized, or attractive, thus tricking or spamming the major search engines for optimal indexing.

Do you ever wonder if your Search results would be better without paying for SEO? Well you’re not alone!

Most SEO Campaigns will hurt your SERP and the SEO Companies all know this. SEO is such a shot in the dark that these companies keep you hooked and keep promising great future results that never transpire.

What’s the Solution and Alternative to SEO?

Save your money! Is this is the fastest way to make SEO work for you? I spoke with dozens of entrepreneurs in the last week that have canceled their SEO marketing in the past. I asked the question, did your SERP (search engine position) get hurt? In every case, their search engine positioning went up! This was in every case.. I am going to further write about this topic and keeping a great collection of SEO stats that seem to contradict what mostly all these companies claim to offer.

Side Note: Let me break off into a tangent for a second.  I have personally spent many thousands on SEO, back linking, and other general SEO practices. I have spent over $300,000 with Google Adwords alone and more money spent with social media and other types of marketing. My companies have grossed millions and I am not just “ranting” on this topic. I would predict, if you cancel your SEO company today. 30 days from now your Google position will increase and will keep doing so.. What do you have to lose.. Or, what do you have to save! Allocate this money into different types of marketing like content marketing, video marketing, paid social media ads or email.

OK, So is all SEO Spam? Now you Got Me Kinda Worried..

SEO Optimization or “SEO spam” as it is more commonly called, is when a company pays an SEO company to trick Google and improve the search engines site’s ranking.

Search engines like the real stuff and natural organic content. You will most likely get penalizing by using an SEO firm at some point and even your SEO firm itself might be getting penalized by Google therefore you can never win.

Google is smarter than your SEO “guru” and knows what you’re doing.

Search engines like Google, which rank based on links toward the site (we think). SEO is not allowed on many sites like site and should be reported.

Do your research and know that SEO is pretty much a scam as its based on many variables out of anyone’s control.

Here is more infomration on SEO and how it can be harmful, you should know what’s being done on your website before you engage in SEO practices:

Learn how you can steer away from the unproven practices of SEO and spamdexing and safely build email newsletter campaigns (without spamming) and represent your business services, and products, in a responsible manner.

Email will keep your businesses products and services in constant contact with your customers and all your potential future customers, with a “proven” system with “real” statistical, charts, click and open reports – trackable results.

Learn why email  marketing is used by mostly all fortune 1000 companies, big business, and even politicians [more]


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