We’re Changing our Name To This!

We All Need Change “We Are Changing” Woohoo Change is Good!

The SecretMarketingTrends.com Blog (this site…) will be doing a revamp, name-change and improving article content.

“You are About to witness History in the Making Ladies and Gentlemen!!!”

…..Ok… Ok.. maybe not “that much” change, but nonetheless change!! I think I oversold this bigtime..

First: Thank you to WordPress for having the best fucking platform possible!

When you said you would let me know when you roll out your ads program – when I got some more traffic… (ya.. you know, two years ago… Ummm been waiting man…) Eheem Uhemmm… Anyway thank you for finally allowing me to monetize.

But Seriously: WordPress is without argue, hands down, the best web-platform for writers, bloggers, and simply anyone that wants a free webpage. You have an amazing platform and you keep updating it. Great work!


We had a team of 66 dedicated Canadian scientist work day and night in a high-tech secret government lab to determine the following about our current domain name SecretMarketingTrends:

  1. It sucked.
  2. It was confusing..
  3. And change is good!!!

But in all seriousness;

We have just acquired the domain name QuilPen.com and will change the name over within 48 hours and this domain will – forward over.

Quil is an urban dictionary word that generally means cool. & Pen “QuilPen”.

The Urban Dictionary’s Definition of Quil;

“A laid back, very flirtatious guy who is strong and well endowed. He’s everyone’s friend and is sweet, but he can can beat your ass if you push him over the edge.” [view more]

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

– Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839

Check back often for changes and updates.



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