How Women Are Overcoming the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

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The gifts of entrepreneurship can be a powerful draw for many women, especially the;

“Ability to control your time and income.”

But behind the scenes, what the outside world sees as living the dream is, for many first-time entrepreneurs, often a starkly different reality.


New entrepreneurs soon discover the dark side of business startup. Days that begin and end stressing over cash flow, not enough clients, taxes, administrative issues, and the naysayers who gladly remind you it won’t work, not to mention stepping through lifelong fears to create business success.

This tends to be the reality in the beginning. It’s not quite the idealistic scene many women envisioned when they courageously took the leap into entrepreneurship.

Despite these challenges, women that are new to the world of business are not letting the endless list of obstacles stop them from reaching business success.

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