First, you will need both a merchant account and a payment gateway to accept credit cards online.

How to accept credit cards on your website

CardVerify is a Web-based Online Fraud and Chargeback Prevention Software.

CardVerify offers free secure contact forms for your website and purchases forms that help eliminate fraudulent orders and expensive chargebacks, that put you in jeopardy of losing your merchant account.

  • With CardVerify you can tailor your own TOS message and force acceptance adding special terms like refund policy, links, and more;

    Help fight fraud and chargebacks and retain more profit for your business.

  • CardVerify credit card fraud protection and merchant account services
    CardVerify credit card fraud protection and merchant account services

  • 1.) Get all your orders and terms of service digitally signed by your customers to better enforce your terms and increase order authenticity.

  • 2.) Setup is free and CardVerify only charges a small 0.88 cent fee for only successfully completed and verified authentic orders.
  • 3.) The CardVerify simple process has proven to help eliminate virtually all fraudulent orders and saves companies thousands of dollars in chargeback fees alone.
  • 4.) Completely setup accepting credit cards setting up your merchant account with a trusted partnered company owned by Visa.
  • 5.) Completely web-based platform create order purchase forms and secure contact forms for free, for use even without a website, hosted securely on CardVerify.
  • 6.) Accounts can API integrate with the world’s leading merchant banks and Paypal.
  • Unlimited 14 Day No Obligation Trial

CardVerify is an online credit card form generator that allows you to create free custom SSL secure credit card purchase forms and secure website contact forms.

After creating a CardVerify account we will provide you information so you can quickly begin accepting credit cards through your website.  Account No Obligation – No Credit Card Required:


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