How Small Businesses Entrepreneurs and Leaders Promote Themselves

Ongoing business promotion is a key factor for running a successful company – “no matter what size;”

There is no way to survive without constant promotion and embracing change, new ideas, and approaches towards your marketing.

It is not always the most thrilling activity, especially when you’re just starting out as a small business, but good marketing takes time and personal nurturing by the company’s leaders.

Frankly speaking the competition is so high in many of today’s Industries most business couldn’t survive without a creative marketing application. A more personal approach towards influencer marketing.

“It’s recommend” to spend at least an hour or two everyday promoting your business and figuring out the best promotion plan that makes sense for your specific future goals. Sit down and recraft your marketing plan and it can put more money into your company instantly.

Business Leaders and there marketing promotions
Do leaders understand marketing?

Don’t get sold into paying thousands a month for a marketing Seo company when you can save that money starting now.

Formulate a personal “long-term” plan from the ground-up no matter the size of your business.

Marketing has changed

Many marketing companies have minimum budgets for their clients that are “large” and this is to weed out the smaller companies that can’t afford to lose money month over month on their marketing..

Always be very wary of large minimum budgets.

Know this, no matter how good your product or services are no-one will be able to promote them the way you will.

You know what you’re selling and you know your brand.

And you’re passionate. If you have a more hands-on approach to your marketing the money that is spent is always spent much more wisely.

Paying closer attention to your marketing and marketing budget can save your company money.

There are many fancy ways to promote your business with hiring a company, but they can get expensive quickly;

Coincidentally most of these techniques are very profitable for the marketing company that you hire but little else.

Here are a few inexpensive ways you can promote your business online and off – what it will cost you is a little time: What you can learn from understanding the basics about your marketing will pay off in the long run.

9 Suggested Promotion Strategies

  1. Local Listing: Start by registering your business with Google Place as it will allow for people to find you when they search on Google. Your business location will automatically be added to Google Maps, so people can discover you in seconds. Fill out the form posted by Google maps, and register; they will take you through a verification process, and that is done one of two ways. They can give you a call, or they will post you a letter with the pin on it to your work address. Move towards Yahoo and get your business added to the database of businesses known as Yahoo! Directory. It will only take a few extra minutes, and those minutes are worth it. Moving on to Bing, they offer a similar service as Yahoo; and the signing up process is the same.

  2. Social Media: Many people feel that social media has been just another place to gain exposure. While that is correct and entrepreneurs and leader should keep a strong presence on social media, they also need to invest an hour on various social media platforms on a regular basis. Keep in mind that it is not just your business page, it is your entire presence that counts. Think about the big names in the industry, and check out how solid their social presence is. They started from the bottom just like you will, and rise to the top. In the beginning you can use the advertisement and promotion options, and once your accounts start rolling, it all depends on you. Keep in mind that you are required to keep both presences strong, your personal presence and your company’s presence. This is a great way to help your small business gain attention.

  3. Websites, Blogging, and Magazines: There are countless websites and blogs that are looking for content. Many leading blogs accept “guest posts”, articles, and blog posts by people who do not own the website. The purpose of these guest posts is to allow the user to gain access to a great range of visitors. These well-known websites charge a specific amount of money for each post, but make sure that your post will be shared and viewed by a range of people. Such websites are a great way to get your message out there if you do not have a website, or a set running blog with a dedicated audience. Keep in mind that it is a one time investment, so do not pick a website that does not have a strong and professional look.

    It is advised to keep the niche of your business in mind, and look for a website that caters to that niche alone. As you need to market according to your target, any other marketing will be a waste of time and money. So if you are selling clothes online or offline, get your articles published in a fashion blog, and make sure that it is optimized for the search engines.

    Blogging: If you wish, you can start a small blog on your website, but keep in mind that it is no easy as it sounds. There are many aspects that need to be considered, and it will take you some time before you gain loyal audience or any audience. However, this is a great way to get in touch with your customers directly. One key to succeed is to keep up a regular blog and keep posting.

    Magazines: The magazine industry can provide a strong online presence, offline however… The good news is, they are often looking for content. Again, the trick is to get your article published in a good magazine, that caters to the same niche. Make sure they’re organized and they have a loyal reader viewership base.

  4. Videos: you can use YouTube to post creative videos related to your business, service or products. Start by creating a Channel for your company and start posting promotional videos and helpful content. Keep in mind that the content needs to be light and something people can relate to. There is no need for serious promotions, or over the top funny ones; you need to post videos that are a perfect mixture of both. Keep in mind that this is not TV and you need to keep adding interesting material to keep users engaged and interested.

  5. SEO: As much as the word itself ultimately screams never ending money pit, don’t underestimate the power of some basic on site search engine optimization, as the online world is constantly evolving no SEO company can promise any type of results ongoing. A good SEO optimized website will score a better ranking, and allow your website to be viewed by more visitors. There are plenty how to SEO guides online and even watching quick YouTube videos can help. Google Chrome has some add-ons and extensions to their browser that can also help you optimize your web page for free. WordPress offers professional  platforms  that can provide all these functions for you and clear out the middleman. These tips will help you get started in the right direction. Learning the basics about how search engines work will also help you while blogging and posting content online. Remember that the search engines like organic content and honest truthful information so trying to manipulate this with search engine SEO companies goes against the basic grain and fundamental principles of how the Google search engine algorithms work. Simply said, provide and share good content. Update your pages and even past posts regularly and you will soon see amazing results. Just remember Google is much smarter than your SEO or marketing company will ever be.

  6. PR: A well written Press Release is something every business owner should invest in. Every time your business does anything that is newsworthy, don’t hesitate for a second before whipping up a press release. There is a good chance people will pick up on it, and it will help you create sales. Press releases are designed in a way to generate publicity, and there are numerous websites that will let you post your press release.

  7. Online Community: there is a niche for every community, and it is always a nice gesture when you sign up and contribute. This is a crucial set for you, as you will be making space for yourself in the community. It is as simple as signing up, and after a while people will start recognizing you, and you will be able to brand yourself or your business. In addition, it is a great place to make contacts and links for your business. But before you go on to make contacts, start by making yourself beneficial to others, answer questions; and keep sharing relevant content. Simply add a link to your website when it is relevant, or you company name in the signature space under your content.

  8. Buddy Marketing: it is a joint venture between two businesses, during which you will be joining hands with another business(es). This way both parties will pool their resources and get to business promotion with a strong backing. For instance, when they or you post a brochure of your/their business you can add a leaflet or a business card. This works on both sides, and is an amazing way to extend your reach. This will allow both parties to reach a new sector of potential clients. If you wish to get creative you can run a content together, and it will serve the purpose of both the businesses. These methods will help cut down greatly on your promotion expenses, as many promotion techniques are too expensive for small businesses to implement alone.

  9. Give Away: if you have the chance to “give away” your products or services as a sample, chances are more people will be interested in purchasing from you. It is simple logic, people tend to buy from those who are willing to take the first step. There is no harm in offering a free sample or trial, and it will give the customer a peace of mind knowing they are purchasing something they have experienced.

These nine easy promotion strategies are not only inexpensive, they are a solid lead in the right direction for any small business leader or entrepreneur.

These basic marketing techniques have helped small businesses and startups gain the hold they require to survive in this new economy – the most powerful form of online marketing?

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.” – Ernest Hemingway

These tried and tested methods will ensure customer engagement, building relationships, and will keep your brand in high praises.

The idea is not just to make money, it is to invest in places that you and your business can gain from for a bright future.

by: Rodney Gray

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