About QuilPen

QuilPen sounds a bit weird at first, mainly because people confuse quill and quil and think QuilPen is basically just pen written twice. But that is not the case.

Quil has a special meaning, as a more colloquial word as defined by the urban dictionary. QuilPen combines traditional writing with a new modern social voice Quil

About QuilPen;

We are a digital advertising service provider that understand the latest influencer marketing methods and digital advertising trends.

QuilPen knows how to get your brand name the recognition and attention it deserves.

We deliver quality and original content to our online readers and social media Network ensuring they are laced with the most persuasive and unique content about your brand.

What we can offer

  • 100% Original Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Content Writing

It is one of our most prominent services and we pride ourselves in having a pool of the most talented writers that research your specific product and brand in the consumer marketplace.

The best way to gain information about any topic or brand is to read about it naturally and there is nothing more effective and useful than a well-written article pertaining to that topic.

If you need more traffic to your business website or product page QuilPen can help.

Digital Marketing

Next on QuilPen’s list of services is digital marketing. Digital marketing involves using the World Wide Web in order to propagate the product and brand throughout major search results. It is done either by advertisements or in combination with well-written marketing content, both of which we excel in.

Digital marketing concept
Source: knowledge.insead.edu

We have all heard about social media marketing, using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and to make brands more reachable to potential customers.

Have you heard of Influencer marketing?

let’s see how you can use it to boost your brand through social media, word of mouth, and the Google search results.

Influencer Marketing

Up sprung A new form of marketing that makes reaching potential customers even easier. With content and material presented naturally to the consumer through a method called influencer marketing.

How influencer marketing works for business The main objective of any business or brand is to make as much profit as possible.
How influencer marketing works for business
How influencer marketing can work for business

The client profiled above has an influencer campaign on QuilPen, LinkedIn, and Twitter among other(s).

Working with thousands of clients over many years has resulted in a clear understanding that most SEO and online marketing shows little or no results and much of it can take many weeks or months to balance out.

“To gain strong profitability, brands needed to capture the crowd’s attention, but also use the crowd’s attention to help promote your brand.” – Rodney Gray

TV Commercials have now become less effective since people would either get immersed in their phones every time an advertisement came up or simply change the channel. Many TV shows, cable recording boxes can either skip commercials or block them out altogether.

We’re becoming a society that can click and skips commercials and feel that this type of traditional television advertising can be intrusive. In this situation, we’re well aware we’re being advertised to.

According to another survey conducted, a high number of internet users have browsers that perform Adblock to block advertisements.

This means that adverts appearing on the sides of websites or links that appear on websites are blocked out by most internet users that also means most of your potential customers.

This turned into a tough task for marketers to find a way to market their products.

This led to marketers rethink their marketing strategies to gain back the attention of their customers.

The genius behind influencer marketing puts the power back into the people and avoids the high costs of pay per click advertising.

With influencer marketing Brands can work one-on-one with the influencer to clearly convey a consistent message.

So the Question Comes What is Influencer Marketing?

You can simply understand it as an association between a brand and a famous celebrity with a good amount of following on social media platforms, and allow the celebrity to subtly share your brand name, and voila.

Your product is now spread across millions of followers who already had their attention fixated on the Influencer already following their content.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn provided the customizable option of being able to target a very specific niche audience.

This allowed brands to pitch their products to a more precise group who were more likely to become customers rather than firing a shot in the dark.

With Influencer marketing, you are able to reach out to audience that is a great deal more likely to be your customers mainly because instead of directing their attention to your product and explaining why would that be a good choice to purchase it, you are simply putting your product where the attention of the audience is already directed and additionally, you do not have to explain your product’s working and features because the influencer has put it up on their account in a picture or as a caption while using it, visualizing the key usage of the product and marketing it as subtly and discreetly as possible that it doesn’t even seem like a paid post. It’s all about providing valuable content to your entire network.

Yes, that is the magic of Influencer marketing.

If Influencer marketing is that effective why every brand out there doesn’t use it?

Well, there are many reasons for that, but simply said many do. Most large brands and public figures are using influencer marketing to some degree.

Firstly, influencer marketing is a relatively new strategy that has sprung up and the overall market hasn’t been around for long. 5 years ago you wouldn’t have found influencer marketing as the whole concept was still being discovered.

Influencer Marketing Statistics
Source Theshelf: Influencer Marketing

Apart from being relatively new to the world of online marketing, it is also a very difficult business to find the right influencer and here is why.

Most of the social media celebrities are young, under 20 and Instagram, Twitter or Facebook users who have a huge fan following.

It could go terribly wrong and terribly right both with equal chances of occurring if the strategies are not formulated properly.

The celebrity influencer could lose a lot of fans if you over saturate the marketing gigs.

That’s one of the beauties of influencer marketing that the method of delivering the product and its usage is so intricately indirect, that the followers are unable to pin the post as a marketing stunt, rather end up taking it up as a fashion advice or an addition to their bucket list.

If you are able to plan your strategies accurately and elusively enough, then your product will be easily well positioned in front of the audience and they will be enticed to interact it without knowing how they were originally marketed about it.

As per a marketing survey, 84% of the marketing industries were expected to use influencer marketing in 2017. And so far we’ve seen a lot of brands indulge in it.theshelf.com/the-blog/2015/3/17/influencer-marketing-is-the-new-king-of-content

Consumers trust influencer marketing recommendations

Consumers trust influencer marketing recommendations influenced

InfluencerMarketing Industries-Quil
Marketing Industries: influencers in every industry

Now let’s consider an Influencer marketing strategy and how QuilPen can help you in achieving your marketing targets by picking the right influencer as per your business and product.

An influencer typically is not a celebrated actor or actress – but has a major influence in the online community and can generate a buzz around a great post or product.

  • The influencer must be creative and original;

Originality hits home “every time” if done right. If your influencer can be active and have various interests to spark every now and then, he or she will make a good marketer. The diversity of interests reflects a refined taste and a positive image.The

  • The influencer must be active

The general public has a habit of trend following especially those trends set by influencers with a large following.

Factors to Focus on:

Influencer marketing can be used by any brand since the message can be easily delivered without having to mention the brand explicitly in many cases.

Therefore some of the factors to keep in mind while picking influencers:


The influencer’s reach to your selected audience is a big one. Marketing fashion articles through a scholar what technical blog isn’t a great idea. But using a teen influencer to market cosmetics for teenagers is a good start.

  • The Frequency of Marketing:

If you overcrowd the influencer’s account with your product, the audience will automatically stamp the celebrity as a marketer and might even stop following them for the very reason.

The key here is subtly, making sure the frequency of your product appearing with the influencer is just right that it grabs the attention of the fans yet does not overdo it.

If the frequency is set right, the audience will start associating the brand name and interact with the social posts.

When someone likes, comments or shares a post their followers then have an opportunity to see what they’ve liked, shared or commented on.

It’s an amazing social marketing technique that can explode your brand.

  • Smoothness:

This accounts for how intelligently the influencer is able to position the product in his or her online social communication.

This usually depends on the persuasiveness of the influencer and the subject of influence. If your influencer is smooth, and the audience coincides with your brand your product is easily sold.

  • Expertise and Depth:

If the influencer has an in-depth knowledge of your business category, that is a major plus.

For instance, pitching the stethoscope through a renowned doctor is how you effectively market your product!

The audience of that renowned doctor is young doctors as well as those aspiring to be one someday. So you have reached a fair audience that is very likely to get converted into customers.

Secondly, if the influencer is thorough with their roles and understand the product and convince the followers by marketing the product correctly, by properly incorporating the product into their lifestyle or daily business activities.

“This is the QuilPen concept of influencer marketing and we can find an influencer for any product business or service.”

If you are a brand or a business wishing to sell a product, regain public attention or simply build trust among your peers, then influencer marketing can work for you.

To inquire how influencer marketing can work for you contact;

Rodney Gray ceo@officialgroup.net

Entrepreneurship news and original articles for business QuilPen.com

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