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Why Google and Facebook Are Uniquely Positioned to Control How Marketing Evolves | Adweek

As the drum beat on media personalization grows louder and more urgent, Keith Grossman, head of sales, Americas for Bloomberg, kicks off his tour of duty at CES 2016 charting the increasing influence Facebook and Google have on connected consumer conversations.

Both mega media platforms, in Grossman’s estimation, have the most access to what consumers are doing from a logged-on perspective and therefore are uniquely and powerfully positioned to control how marketing will evolve

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“They are doing it in a manner that is not overly intrusive, but in a stepped and logical manner,” he says, adding that they clearly have the ability to “overwhelm the consumer” but have been savvy enough to launch marketing programs that “feel additive to what the consumer wants.”

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10,000 Character Tweets May Arrive On Twitter In A Matter Of Months

Feel like you can’t express yourself enough in 140 characters?

Traditionally you would have to use a third-party service or string together a series of tweets to get that message across. However Re/code has reported that Twitter is considering to increase the character limit to 10,000 characters as soon as Q1.

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Twitter is considering to increase the character limit to 10,000

The impact shouldn’t have a dramatic impact on the user timeline, however. According to the report, the character expansion would display just 140 characters, and with a click/tap, users would be able to see the full tweet in its 10,000 characters of glory.

Thanks to rich Twitter cards, Moments and images, Twitter has become far more than text in bite-sized 140-character updates, and this appears to be a less egregious visual change — though a massive intrinsic shift.

19 LinkedIn hacks that could help your business make tons of money | Business Insider

Most people think of LinkedIn as a place to just upload their resumes.

But if used properly, LinkedIn could actually help boost sales and grow your entire business.


Ken Krogue, founder and president of Insidesales, a sales software maker last valued at $1.5 billion, and Jamie Shanks, managing partner of Sales for Life, a sales training company, have put together an eBook explaining how to maximize your sales through LinkedIn.

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“LinkedIn is not a repository for your resume,” Shanks writes. “It’s a place to actively drive business.”

We sifted through the eBook and picked the 19 best tips on how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.


Technology and social media are in driver’s seat for marketing in 2016 – Business – Ohio

As technology and social media continue to evolve: companies are investing more in educating themselves on changes in the influential sector, a new locally conducted nationwide survey shows.

AKHIA, a Hudson marketing and business integration firm, led an online survey in December to examine strategies, trends and considerations for U.S. companies of all sizes in different industries to begin planning for 2016.

technology and social media continue to evolve

The results showed a push to keep apace with technology and focus spending on newer media.

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Forty percent of survey respondents said they plan to invest in communication technologies such as marketing automation, customer relationship management or other analytics tools in the near future.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for January 2016 | Practical Ecommerce

In January 2016, attract new customers and engage current ones with a podcast based on existing blog posts; produce content that focuses on culture; tell stories on Instagram; celebrate service; and publish gear guides.

Podcast marketing for 2016

January can be a busy month for content marketers, whose goal is to produce, publish, and distribute content with the aim of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers.

What follows are five content marketing ideas for January 2016.

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6 Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns for Q1 2016 | Practical Ecommerce

From a January inventory reduction sale to Easter Sunday, there are at least six good opportunities for online sellers to send meaningful and (hopefully) effective marketing emails in the first three months of 2016.

Email marketing

is one of the most powerful and potent promotional tools available to ecommerce marketers.

Email Marketing for automation of your bulk email campaigns

The medium is popular with consumers. By some estimates, nearly three quarters of shoppers prefer receiving marketing messages via email. It is also effective. According to Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly report for Q3 2015, some 10.23 percent of shoppers who visit an ecommerce site after responding to an email-marketing message will add an item to the shopping cart. Email is also among the best marketing tools for sales conversion.

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