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Marketing with CRM Software – how does it work?

Marketing with CRM software allows you to automate most of the process and helps with customer interaction.

An Official Email CRM software has consistently proven to be one of the best performers for small business digital marketing and has been highlighted in Publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, among others for its cost effectiveness and the ongoing value of the databases that consistently gets built. The individual or business should always keeps the growing database in retention.

This is something that is nonexistent with traditional seo, pay-per-click or Banner type advertising.

What is CRM Software?
Marketing with CRM Software

According to Google: Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention.

Customer Relationship Management Software

If you’re looking for a simple platform that enables you to upload your contacts databases and create powerful messages for email dissemination.

Many companies can provide a service for email delivery however many of the same companies prefer the small newsletter delivery type and fall short when a customer has an older database, gets just a few complaints, or wants to disseminate many thousands or millions of emails at one time.

These types of services are quickly learning that a high-volume CRM email marketing software is what most companies are looking for in order to grow beyond in-house contacts databases.

Many of the contact email newsletter software that currently exists does not allow you push Beyond few hundred emails and will restrict your account in some way if you get many bounces.

Today’s the average person has 1.9 email addresses and in North America that figure could be even higher.

View your options |  Everything you need for successful CRM email delivery campaign can be found at Official email marketing.


5 things you need to know about big data for 2017

Big Data made a Big Difference in the biggest story of the year – the US Presidential election.

Although President Elect Trump had pooh-poohed the impact of Big Data, he rallied a last minute expert team in the just the summer prior that just may have made the difference.

Using digital targeting, the strategy collected information from online and offline sources to find potential voters.

With over 4,000 finely tuned messages, a specific one was placed after assessing the potential voter’s Facebook, Pandora and snapchat activity. Virtual grassroots at its finest.

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How India is Cashing in on-the American Consumer

In 2018, it is estimated that there will be an estimation of 283 million social network users in India

If you compare this with the number of online users, and senders and receivers of email communication, you can see there is a lot of catching up to do.

According to a Livemint (stat) the number of Internet users in India could cross 450 million by June 2017: says report. A recent IAMAI-IMRB report says Urban India has close to 60% Internet penetration, reflecting a level of saturation, but there are a potential 750 million users in Rural India, that number is simply staggering;

Social Media Statistical Chart for India

According to: Thetoptens website – The “Top 10” Countries With the Most Intelligent People Are… India is Number One. Simply said, the people of India are very smart indeed!

Quick history: “India was the first discoverer of” the laws of algebra, geometry, calculus, the binary number system. India is home to the first people to successfully carry out cataract surgery, and plastic surgery. India is the highest paid ethnic group in the United States and among the smartest employees (and employers) in the booming information technology industry.

  • Even 38% of doctors and 12% scientists in the US are Indians.

Other notable discoveries include: The Button, Prefabricated House, Chess, The Ruler, Shampoo, Cotton Cultivation, Fibonacci Numbers, Diamond Mining, Flush Toilets, Ink, Steel & Metal Works, Fiber Optics, and more..

Ok, “So How is India penetrating the US Consumer Marketplace?”

To understand how India is approaching the US marketplace, for marketing purposes, let’s first let’s look at big data consumer databases from India. The Simplicity of email now allows for instant communication  to a vast amount of consumer and business users in India; with big data companies like OfficialEmailMarketing they are one company to offer a 360 million (36 Crore) India consumer database of emails ID’s that includes over 400k Indians Mobile Numbers. 

How India is Capitalizing on American Consumer Marketing
How India is Capitalizing on American Consumer Marketing

Where else can you get such an active audience? Social media takes time and knowledge is the argument, and might just be true, but email communication is instant.

India business owners are starting to understand that the wealthiest most active consumer marketplace is the United States. This is something that only big Indian businesses have capitalized on for many years.

With the globalization of communication small business now have the power to communicate to the masses.

“Be where the world is going.”

– Beth Comstock

Is true! Email is one of the most cost effective and safest ways to generate sales for your business, almost immediately. Most first-time marketers achieve success within just the first few days and ongoing email campaigns will only build bigger and more relevant.

If your looking to penetrate the US consumer marketplace you can easily get started small, and grow from your success: (recommended). With email marketing India can advertise their products and services into the US consumer marketplace and rapidly build product and brand awareness.

“Consumer email accounts in particular will continue to grow steadily: According to the Radicati group internet stats: The current internet user has 1.9 email accounts per user and this is statistic is growing.”

  • Many users typically have a primary and a secondary email account.

Email is no doubt one of the best platforms for direct communication to your potential clients. Companies that require leads and the ongoing consistent generation of leads, use email marketing the most. Email marketing is a proven funnel for the generation of leads and is commonly used by mostly all Fortune 1000 Companies, Big Data, Startups, Inventors, Marketers, Online Business, and even political campaigns.

Here are some common Q&A for first time email campaigners or newsletter marketers..

Will I get called out for spamming? Not if you use a reputable email marketing company that will allow you to upload your purchased email lists, or even lists that you might have been collecting for some time.

In many cases a marketer will upload an email lists they have been collecting for months or even years and clients don’t remember you. For these reasons it’s imperative to use a compliant email marketing platform that can alleviate these concerns.

“Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. You are the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Plumbing Officer.”

– Arjun Jagannathan

Do I need to download software on my computer and use my email address? No. With today’s email marketing management applications the software is web-based and you use the provided IP addresses, and domain addresses, for the sending and delivery. Nothing is sent from your computer, IPs, domains name, or internet connection. This is done to specialize the delivery process and give you your best results.

Email campaigns can be cumbersome and in some cases require special skills, or staff to accommodate the ongoing campaign duties.

This is why many companies tend to outsource email marketing campaigns and lead generation by using a full service company that can send, manage lists, better write your copy, and much more. The chances for success can increase.

According to OfficialEmailMarketing, Over 70% of marketer today agree email marketing is core to their business operation, and what’s even more interesting is that most marketers claim that an email is a critical tool for ongoing sales and new client acquisition. Another 20% of online marketers say their businesses “primary revenue source” is directly linked to email operations and this number is growing.

Learn more how a full-service email marketing company can help your business: OfficialEmailMarketing

Can Big Data Help Your Company?

Big Data can help your company in many ways by organizing databases – lead generation – and automation.

Big Data comes in various types of formats from numeric data in your traditional databases to unstructured text documents such as, email, video, audio, stock ticker data and financial.

Big Data growth for this year
Big data market update

So what is Big Data?

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis.

With data lead generation, for example, the big data sets can be so large and complex that traditional email application software is inadequate to deal with it correctly.

In many cases special email delivery software is provided by subscription to process and deliver such large data sets.

The benefit of such highly specialized Big Data software is how it can be used so uniquely to manage and deliver to a broader audience, much greater than traditional social media or pay-per-click coverage.

Learn how big data can not only grow your company but help you manage one of your most important assets.

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Web-based Email Marketing Software (with Free Email Databases!)

High volume professional email marketing software. Send individual mailings monthly or even daily newsletters style mailings.

Upload your own email lists, or purchased email lists into the advanced Official Email Marketing software dashboard.

Free email data monthly
Free email data monthly

Advanced Email Marketing: Nothing to download or install, simply log into your web-based email marketing software account from anywhere and create high impact personalized email messages, manage and upload an unlimited amount of lists for sending.

Limited time offer: free email Databases targeted for your specific business target. Get full contacts every month “free”!

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Email Data Lists Included Each Month | Official

In business you are always selling, or thinking of ways you can help your clients by offering your products or services. There are many key ingredients to a great sales strategy, and truly none are more important than the quality of your opening statement.

It doesn’t matter if your approach is in person, over the phone or by email; the window of attention is lost in less than 5 seconds. This means you have to maximize the impact of every word, syllable, and pause in your lead-off statements, and subject headers when using a digital approach. They need to be works of art … compelling and borderline AMAZING!! I mean why not?

Have you ever really tried to craft a truly great sales pitch for your small business?

I can pretty much guarantee the people you’re trying to target with your business marketing efforts are likely being approached by many other similar competitors frequently. A compelling and attention grabbing opening statement can launch many sales opportunities for you where a competitor’s lack of preparation can leave them standing still.

do not use industry jargonTo be clear, do not write your opening statements or well crafted subject headers to sell; they are to be lead-ins to encourage consumer or corporate engagement. Do not use industry jargon or fancy words.

According to the best chosen answer on Yahoo Answers, in reference to email marketing; “Email marketing is becoming a lot easier these days as the online marketing industry grows. If you are tech savvy you can simply sign up to an auto-responder service & get started. Most email marketing services will provide you with comprehensive training on how to complete your email list building & marketing campaigns”.

Does Digital Marketing Work?

According to a recently published LinkedIn pulse article; Estimates indicate that 2016 – 2017 will be the first time that Digital Marketing beats out TV for Ad spending, and when you look at the latest earnings reports from both Social Media and Search Giants Google and Facebook you’ll see how well the movement to Digital online is taking off for small business marketing.  While Print has its place in Promotional activity, we believers think that the best overall return for dollars and effort spent will come from Digital Marketing.

If you are eager to move your business marketing efforts more towards digital marketing then email marketing is now taking main stage. With today’s email marketing software there is nothing to download or install and you can simply log into your web-based software account from anywhere, on most any device, create high impact personalized email messages and upload an unlimited amount of email lists for sending. With Official you can monitor detailed campaign statistic charts, click through rates, open rates, and much more.

CEO of Rod Gray was recently quoted in stating, “For any company, half the battle is won if marketing strategies reduce the time required for planning, formulating strategies, and executing its marketing campaign. Email is that handy tool for most companies that not only reduces the execution time of efforts but also delivers quick responses”. Read full articles or view on Lifehack.

Ok, How Can I Get 50,000 Category Targeted Email Records Free?

free email an email marketing leader since 2010 is now providing 50,000 full data records free “each month” with the registration of a monthly email marketing software account. The email marketing software is used for sending emails and creating powerful newsletter type mailings 100% can-spam compliant and will reflect your business, products, or services in a responsible manner.

What’s included in the free 50K data list?

The fields that are included in the email data lists are, email address, first name, last name, mailing address with city, state, zip, phone number, website source collected, Ip address, date and time, and more. Data is collected from opt-in sources and only saved after running through our rigorous email verification. Format is standard Excel CSV.

With OfficialEmailMarketing There is no better way to send large amounts of email successfully into the recipient’s inbox.

Learn more: get started, view pricing, ask questions!

Let us help you succeed with email marketing! Dedicated technical support staff is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide ongoing ticket support for your software management and email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Reseller Affiliate Program

With the OfficialEmailMarketing reseller program you can resell email lists and email marketing software. Make your profit on each sale without any upfront capital or large investment. You can choose to then resell your email lists and/or web-based email software for any price you choose.

Data feed and email list reseller: Resellers receive a large discount on any 3 daily data feed packages on continuous basis. Resellers also receive a marge discount on all email lists shown on the website. note: a Large Bonus 2 Million email records will be provided with all daily data feed account packages, no discount on setup fee.

Email Marketing Affiliate Program for Reselling Email Lists and Email Marketing Software

Bulk Email Marketing Software Reseller Affiliate Discount: Official Email Marketing Resellers also receive a global discount off all bulk email software packages and you can charge higher prices and include a setup fee. You earn money on additional Ips, and additional domains ordered by your clients. The possibilities for additional revenue and products are endless. Client email software accounts are billed monthly and you can earn a steady, ongoing, and growing, monthly subscription revenue from your clients.

You will have your own unbranded login for the software so you can build your own brand without our logo!

Official Email Marketing Affiliate Reseller Program

Are spam and bulk email the same thing?

Bulk email marketing has received much attention among marketers during the recent years. The benefits delivered from this marketing method to the businesses have contributed a lot towards its popularity. Most people get confused when trying to figure out the difference in between bulk email marketing and spam email marketing. Spam email marketing is something unethical and it is not in a position to deliver any benefit to your customers or business. Spam will not provide a valid opt-out method and it typically of zero interest.

When it comes to bulk email marketing, small business owners and marketers, typically build and create an email list on their own.

This list would usually contain the email addresses of potential customers who show some sort of an interest towards the business and categorized in some way. This list will also typically have the address, and other contact information along with just the email. As a result, an email that is sent from a bulk email marketing campaign would never be delivered to a recipient who doesn’t show any interest towards the business, and if it was a valid automated method for the recipient to opt-out would be an option.

Through bulk email, it’s an easy task to promote your products or services to potential customers on an ongoing basis. That’s because you are not promoting what you got to complete strangers, and the idea is to slowly build your databases while allowing the recipients to always have the option for removal. Based on the feedback, you will be able to improve your bulk email marketing campaigns accordingly over time. Like any type of internet marketing there might be an initial learning curve to understand how it all works if you’re using a trusted bulk email marketing software provider.

Marketers who are new to bulk email marketing often wonder whether anybody reads the mails that are being sent. From recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of people tend to read the mails that are being sent through bulk email marketing programs and that number is increasing due to mobile phone browser technology improvements. The popularity of this marketing method among companies around the world bears testimonials to this proven method of marketing.

Bulk email marketing can be considered as one of the easiest methods available to attract repeat businesses and visitors. That’s because it is highly unlikely for someone to come to your store and become a customer for the very first time. Through bulk email marketing, you are promoting your products and services to customers and business partners who already have a clear understanding about what your business is. They have already purchased something from you and they know about your order and delivery process as well. Therefore, people would tend to purchase again from you because they know what they would receive. Repetitive email contact with a growing email database is a great way to gain that trust and familiarity.

People often mistake bulk email marketing with spam email marketing They are very different.

whats bulk email?
what’s the difference between spam email and bulk email?

It is important to proceed with a clear understanding about the difference that exists in between these two marketing methods. Bulk email marketing is not illegal and it can deliver amazing benefits for a business in the long run. That’s mainly because opt-in email lists are being used during the email marketing campaign and proper compliant email software is used in the delivery process in many cases. In other words, all the people who receive the emails that are sent by you have opted to receive them in some way and have an interest in your business topic. Therefore, you just need to send appropriate email and experience the benefits that come in return.

Easily create an email marketing campaign:


10 Reasons Email Outperforms

In this digitalized world technology is making it easier to reach an audience email is a popular medium to reach that targeted audience seamlessly.

Email is a credible, measurable and cost-effective medium that is being discovered by many small business. 

Email helps in generating customer loyalty and trust in your product and email is an efficient way to stay in touch with your clients.

With the help of small business email campaigns you can easily reach a broader range of potential clients and this saves money and time.

Email software can automate the process and provide a go-to database you can tap into when you have a special promotion or product announcement.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why email marketing outperforms;

Benefits of Small Business email marketing, email is beneficial for all business regardless of size.

  • Email has a Larger Reach

Most of the people believe that social media is the best way to reach an audience. But they don’t understand the importance of email. In 2013, the total number of email accounts was only 3.9 billion.

According to Radicati, there was a prediction that number of email accounts by 2017 will be 4.9 billion.

“It can be said that email is the currency of the web.” 

If your online you have an active email address.

There is no way better to than email to reach a wider range of customers.

Email is growing at an exponential rate and the average person in North America has 1.9 email accounts July 2017.

Email List Marketing

  • Creates Brand Awareness

When you send an email to your clients, you are exposing them to your brand and business.

With the help of strategic planning and smart design, your business will build value with ongoing email list marketing .

This will lead to you staying at the top of your customer’s mind. It will always increase the chances of potential customers to buy your products.

As a result of this, you can turn the clients into repeat customers.

  • It’s Cost Effective

What is the most appealing benefit of big data list marketing?

It is the return on investment as email marketing grows your list and contact database with every campaign sent.

  • List Category Segmentation

With the help of email, you can send lots of “emails” to subscribers who meet your specific criteria. For instance, there are lists for sports, business opportunity Seekers, college student even weight loss consumers – whatever specific category of consumers your business markets to.

Email can be sent to customers who have an interest in your specific category.

A report by Official Email Marketing stated that those who used segmentation or choose a specific list category can improved chances of engagement significantly.

  • Call to Action

Another benefit of email marketing is that it calls to action and with specific email list marketing software it can do all the tracking and reporting for you to give you complete reports on every detail of your campaign.

Email marketing is a great tool for taking advantage of impulse buying.

It allows the customers to see a good offer and buy it within just two clicks.

With a great call to action email marketing will increase sales.

  • Easy to Track

It is easy to see where you are doing something wrong in email marketing and sending multiple campaigns with different subject headers is a great way to split test and see what’s working best for your particular email list.

This small business email marketing software lets you track, conversion and click through rates.

This provides is a chance to see how the campaign has improved. Moreover, if there is something wrong, you can easily and quickly correct the mistakes.

  • Result Seen Immediately

When a business sends an email, they can witness the results in few seconds.

A great marketing plan is 24-hour sales.

It forms a sense of urgency and convinces the subscribers to take action immediately.

  • Easy To Create

To make email marketing successful, you don’t need a huge team.

You can without any trouble create an email campaign with the help of templates, images, and logos.

Then simple paste or write in your message and call to action.

  • Shareable

The customers can easily share the best offers and ideas with their friends and family. They can do this just with a click of a button. Apart from this, your customers can introduce your business to a new market.

  • Email will be Around

Email has been around for a lot years. In 1978, the historical first ever promotional email campaign was sent.

It was sent to almost 400 people.

Since its inception, email has been growing consistently. Previously you needed a developer to create an email marketing list campaign but now you can easily send using software provided by companies like official email marketing.

Creating an email list is a stable and long-term investment. It will be beneficial ongoing.

Who to choose for an email marketing service?

OfficialEmailMarketing enables you to create highly engaging emails.

The Official Email Marketing software is a month to month subscription and the platform is completely web-based.

Email list data is included.

Along with this, it helps you in handling your contacts, tracks the performance your email campaigns and divides the customers into groups.

The email lists you create, you to use in future and stay in touch with your customers and ever building your lists larger and more impactful.

It makes sure that your email does not end up in the spam folder. provides emails, last and first name, address and phone number.

If haven’t considered email marketing then now is the time.

Working with a trusted email list marketing company makes the process simple and cost effective.

Learn more:

List Building and e-Mail Marketing

The world technology went through a rapid development within the past few years and people seek the assistance of Internet to fulfill their needs like never before. Therefore the internet can be used as a successful platform to engage in marketing campaigns like we have never seen. Different methods are available for the people to try in Internet marketing. Out of those methods list building and email marketing are recognized as two of the most successful methods and they have the ability to give dramatic results to the Internet marketers.

email list buildingList building and email marketing go hand in hand. It is basically about collecting a list of names and email addresses of people who need help or pose interest on a given subject. For example, if you can collect a list of names and email addresses of people who need to lose weight, you can promote weight loss products to them without any hesitation. Creating an opt-in list can be considered as the basic step in list building and email marketing. A simple opt-in landing page will assist you in the free list building process. An opt-in, landing page is a webpage which will collect the first name and the e-mail address of people who visit that particular page. It will not be an easy thing to gather this information because people do not tend to provide their personal information to the others. Therefore it is important for you to have a proper knowledge in order to create your opt-list with less hassle. If you can provide something interesting to the visitor, you will be able to get their details in a convenient way. It can be an e-book or a free report which is related to the content in your website. You can seek the assistance of professionals to get an idea on creating free products.  It will assist you to build trust among visitors and they will subscribe to your content by providing their information.

Many internet marketing experts say that creating an effective email marketing list can make you rich overnight. We can’t confirm those claims however acquiring a good email list will definitely play a crucial role behind the success of your business.

Digital marketing list building

Email lists are valuable information and a great asset to long term business success. For example, creating an email list is the most convenient option available to organize names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of people in a systematic way and you can track your statistics open  rates, and click rates using email marketing software. Each time you send an email and provide informative information on your products the effectiveness of the list will spike each time. Adding new additional lists into your campaign each time you send a message is a strong strategy.

Effective email list building is often associated with many Official Email Marketing applications such as auto-responders. The auto-responder will automate a part of your list building process. You can easily use this application and transfer contact information to your website or to a manual list. This method will give opportunity for your potential customers to join the list at any time of the day. You can’t even think of doing such a thing manually.

Your customers expect a lot from your business. For instance, they expect trust, helpful ideas as well as valuable services or products for being one of your subscribers. Having an email list comes into play in such a situation. In this way, you can easily respond to the needs and requirements without much hassle. When you are creating a new product or a service, you can easily send a survey email to your email list and get their opinion.

Another advantage that you can experience by having an email list is that you don’t need to go out looking for fresh traffic every time you release a new product or service. When you are planning to launch the promotional campaign, you can send to the email list that you have always adding new lists into your marketing efforts. This will give you the chance to enhance your business opportunities in a convenient affordable manner. Your email marketing list will act as leverage. You can use it according to the way you want and you can even go for a joint venture with another marketer. This will assist you to engage in affiliate marketing with bigger commissions. These are only a few of the benefits that you can enjoy by creating your own email marketing list. A product or a service in any niche can easily be promoted with less trouble by the help of such a list.

It is important for you to use an efficient auto responder to make your life easy as much as possible. It will assist you save your precious time and engage in an effective marketing campaign. With a good autoresponder, you can set up an entire marketing campaign and think about your other marketing activities. Plenty of guides are available for the people to get an idea about the successful ways to engage in an email marketing campaign. If you select the correct product, you will be able to lead your marketing campaign towards the path of success.

Even though there are many different methods available to make money marketing, list building and email marketing is recognized as the most effective method out of them all.

List building and email marketing will assist you to generate profits within a short period of time. Every list starts with zero subscribers and it is up to you to build the list or purchase a one from the email lists for sale from Official Email Marketing.

Get a good auto responder to become a successful Internet marketer within a short period of time. The time and effort you invest in creating the email marketing list will be a great investment done towards a profitable future. Learn more.